‘Teen Mom 2’ Fans Drag Kailyn Lowry For Treating Javi Poorly After His Deployment ‘You’re A Disgrace To Military Wives’

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Teen Mom 2 star, Kailyn Lowry, is feeling the social media heat — after MTV aired her icy response to now ex-husband, Javi Marroquin, during a military deployment homecoming.

Fans watched Kailyn balk at sharing car seats, so the excited dad could drive his son and stepson to camp. On a later  episode, Kailyn was seen shutting Javi out of their once shared home, and ignoring his attempts to connect with her, as their marriage crashed and burned.

Kailyn posted a headshot photo on Instagram — and viewers bashed her mercilessly.


“you are a heartless person! Your husband, father of your child comes home from serving his country and that’s how you treat him. You are pathetic! Karma is a bitch and so are you!”

“You’re a BITCH! Don’t turn your comments off on your fat pic. How you gonna cheat and treat him like a bitch. He should’ve got some girls to whoop your ass.”

“Your such a wordless bitch, no one deserves your stupid ass fuck you I hope someone treats you the way you treat javi!”

“Lol your latest pic says you don’t care what anyone says but you disabled comments haha jackass. And damn you are an asshole to someone that just got home from serving. #asshole @kaillowry”

“you are just acting the same way your mom abandoned you. You need help ASAP.”

“You’re a disgrace to military wives. How dare you treat him like that after what he’s sacrificing. Nasty ungrateful lying snake. Not sure what’s more fake your makeup or your attitude.”

“You’re such a nasty cunt to javi. Shout out to him for being a poised gentlemen while enduring your disgusting treatment of him.”

“You are an evil ogre bitch who should be ashamed. Maybe if you focused less on all that plastic surgery you might see how disgusting you really are?”

Kailyn’s next post was a from behind bod-shot, apparently showing off her Brazilian butt-lift to her followers. She captioned the pic, “I don’t care what anyone says, I know what has been working for me!” Kailyn underwent a surgical “mommy makeover” a year ago.

Kailyn disabled the comments on the post — and after the scathing lashing she took on the previous one, the move was no surprise.

Is reality TV revealing the real Kailyn — or is she just a misunderstood mom with abandonment issues?

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