‘LHHNY’ Mendeecees’ Mother Judy Harris Drags His Baby Mamas Over Their Beef With Yandy Smith-Harris

Posted on Jan 23 2017 - 4:41am by Avigail

Mendeecees Harris‘ baby mama, Samantha Wallace and Erika Deshazo are getting dragged — again! 

This season of Love & Hip Hop New York has been full of drama involving Mendeecees‘ wife, Yandy Smith-Harris, and his two baby mammas regarding the children’s mothers restricting their kids from seeing Yandy.

Erika is the mother of Mendeecees’ second son, Aasim. She claims Yandy lied about the extent of her relationship with Mendeecees

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Samatha’s beef with Yandy stems around the reality star overstepping her bounds as a stepmother.

The drama has since spilled over to Instagram, with each party posting tea on each other — this time Mendeecees mother, Judy Harris, is exposing the baby mama’s for keeping the drama going. Check out the video below.

Love & Hip Hop New York airs Mondays on VH1 at 8:00 p.m. ET.


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  • the underground train

    All of them need to just shut up. The children will be able to read all of this when they get older.

    • Contessa Bel Raven

      They are so busy proving/justifying their hurt/offense and don’t care they are hurting the children

  • Cookie Lyons

    This one needs to STFU. She failed as a parent too and mooches off Yandy hard. Yandy is a liar and a scam. Pay your taxes Yandy.

  • Sugar in my tank

    Puhleeze, this opportunist needs to be a grandmother and stay off social media and reality television. Her son is a convicted felon for drug trafficking and he admitted on the phone with his first baby’s mother that he cheated on her while she was pregnant with their son with the second baby’s mother so he can cause a wedge in between women. Now we all know he cheated on his second baby’s mother with his third baby’s mother and he also have a child a year older than Yandy’s oldest boy, yet her simple ass continues to defend him. What man gets involved with this type of drama? I know, an incarcerated, unmarried one with about 8-15 years worth of time on his hand and a need from his 3rd baby’s mama Yandy to keep money on his books for the forseeable next 8 years…sad and pathetic..

  • Evil Queen

    Too many baby’ Mamas! That’s the whole damn problem. These ladies knew what this man was about, when they hooked up with him!
    Dumb women!

  • Bsacnow Thomas

    grandmother is right….these women need to grow the f up and realize these kids are siblings and let the past be the past. instead of letting jealousy rule their brains.