#LHHNY Star Mendeecees Breaks His Silence From Prison After His Baby Mothers Plotted To Frame Yandy

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Even though Mendeecees Harris is out of the picture, serving his eight year sentence in prison, his women are still fighting over him, his kids, and his property.

Last night on Love & Hip Hop New York, Mendeecees’ wife, Yandy, pulled the plug on Erika’s living situation. While Erika claimed she and Mendeecees lived in an apartment and that they had leased together, the truth was that Mendeecees and Yandy allowed Erika to stay there. Along with Mendeecees’ son (with Erika), of course.

But all that goodwill came to an abrupt end when Yandy had the locks changed. 

Of course Erika took to Instagram to share her feelings about the situation, referring to Yandy as a “miserable, desperate, pathological liar”— among other things. She believes Yandy shows her phony good side once the cameras start rolling.


Mendeecees managed to put his two cents in, even though he’s locked up. He posted a lengthy message to two of his baby mamas, Erika and Samantha (who can be heard plotting against Yandy in the link below), and their never ending war on Yandy. He wrote,

I received all your letters and all your emails. Even hear about it in here from loved ones that call people here. Yes I’m Disgusted. Didn’t ask nobody for anything. Just to keep my kids together like I always have. It’s sad that hatred and jealousy will destroy the love and strength I built between all of my children. All I will say is this is temporary. My children and my family will be back together sooner than y’all think. They will never forget the bond and love they have for each other even when separated . Never. But they will remember who kept them apart. I will not forget any of the lies, any of the destruction nor any of their separation being caused. Til we meet again…@harrisjudy @yandysmith stay strong✊???? call y’all in a few.”



Mendeecees only wanted his kids to be raised together, loving one another. But feels that the lies and jealousy, displayed by Erika and Samantha, are ruining his family.

Listen below to a taped message of Mendeecees addressing Erika posting pictures of their former relationship as proof the two once had a close boyfriend/girlfriend relationship — which Mendeecees denies. Press play below to listen to the two part message.




So, what’s your take? Should Yandy have changed the locks? And are Erika and Samantha behind the discord in this fractured household?


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