Kailyn Lowry Fights With Ex Javi Over Taking Sons After Returning From Deployment

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A happy father/sons reunion turns nasty, on the next episode of Teen Mom 2.

Viewers will watch Javi Marroquin’s return home, after an Air Force deployment — a sweet moment between Javi and his son, Lincoln, 3, and his stepson, Isaac, 6.

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The boys are overjoyed at Javi’s homecoming, even presenting him with welcome home posters. However, his soon-to-be ex wife Kailyn Lowry, loses all of her patriotic warm and fuzzies, when she refuses to allow Javi to borrow her carseats, so he can drive the boys to camp.

“No, you could get your own car seats,” Kailyn snaps, when Javi asks to borrow the seats. Javi explains, “I’m going to get my own, but to take them to camp.”

“Can I go with you?” Javi asks, as she responds, “You can follow me.”

“Are you being serious right now?” Javi shoots back. “This is how it’s going to be? Like I just go home, I want to take them to camp. You’re going to be like that?”

The breakup drama only gets worse, according to the trailer for the new season. The couple decided to split during Javi’s time away — and later in the season, Javi accuses his wife of sleeping with another man during his deployment. Kailyn confirmed the divorce whispers, last May.

“You never think about anyone else,” Javi fires in the trailer. “You don’t think about me, you don’t think about your two boys. You’re going to open your legs to some guy that’s not a big f*****g deal?”

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