Javi Marroquin Accuses Ex Kailyn Lowry Of ‘Opening Legs’ To Another Man In Intense #TeenMom2 Trailer

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Javi Marroquin Accuses Ex Kailyn Lowry Of ‘Opening Legs’ To Another Man In Intense #TeenMom2 Trailer

Ready for some more mama drama? Chelsea, Kailyn, Leah, and Jenelle are back to share their new journeys in an emotional new season of Teen Mom 2.

In the trailer for the new season, the quick clips show fights, struggles, breakdowns, and even some good times for each of the cast members.

Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin are arguing over getting a divorce. Kailyn is over this already and Javi, who’s back from deployment, is angry that Kailyn has given up.

“We’re getting divorced,” Javi told Marroquin when he returned home. “Period. Point blank. It’s not like we were this happy couple.”

In a different clip, Javi yelled at Kailyn, “You never think about anyone else. You don’t think about me, you don’t think about your two boys. You’re going to open your legs to some guy that’s not a big f*****g deal?”

Leah Messer is facing struggles of a different kind. After spending time in rehab for depression and stress, Messer seems better, but is fraught with her daughter Ali’s medical issues from muscular dystrophy.

“Knowing there is something wrong with this baby that I love so much,” she said through tears, feeling helpless.

For Jenelle Evans, it’s same song, second verse. She and her mother Barbara continue to fight for custody over her son, Jace.

Jenelle screamed from her car, “You do not want to give me my son back so I do not want to film with you ever again in my f*****g life.”

Babs fired back, “If I get custody then you will have limited visitation!”

It’s a shame mother and daughter are still fighting, especially since Jenelle is pregnant…or is she? Jenelle denies it, but Babs catches her in a lie when she reads the police report from an auto accident Jenelle was involved in.

“The passenger is at least 10 weeks pregnant,” Babs read.

But there was good news to share. Chelsea Houska is expecting a child with her new husband Cole DeBoer in February, and Aubree is excited about becoming a big sister, even if her bad-boy dad, Adam Lind, didn’t reach out to her on her 7th birthday.

Watch the trailer for the upcoming season 8 above and tune into the new season of Teen Mom 2 on Jan 2, 2017 at 9:00 p.m. ET on MTV.


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