Sold! Melissa Gorga’s ENVY Store Shut Down Liquidation Sale ‘Went Well’ [Exclusive Details]

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A sale to ENVY went down in Jersey last night — in a Real Housewives of New Jersey past/present retail mashup.

Kim DePaola teamed up with Melissa Gorga’s ex-business partner, Jackie Beard Robinson, hosting an  event to liquidate inventory from the defunct Montclair boutique.

As reported, Jackie asked for Kim’s advice in recouping some of her losses, after her business arrangement with Melissa went south. Kim agreed to  help Jackie move the inventory — deciding on a lush, one night event at her boutique, Posche. Kim reports that last night’s sale was a booming success.

“It went sooo well!” Kim told, when we asked her about  the results of the closeout bash.

Kim shared some visuals of the event on Instagram, writing, “SUCCESS !!! Friends , family and fab customers !!!!!”

Kim and Jackie struck a pose during the shopping bash, and Kim is clearly excited about the new relationship.

“Such a pleasure to work with you @jackiebeardrobinson this will be a LONG, loyal and trusting relationship !!! #appreciate #2017goals #realboss #soomanynewbizmoves,” Kim wrote.

“You are a STANDUP GAL AND AN AMAZING BUSINESS WOMAN AND I THANK YOU FOR ASSISTING ME & SHOWING ME HOW IT’S DONE!” Jackie commented on the post. “BTW. YOUR OUTFIT WAS TO DIE FOR!” #fashionicon #leader #fashiongoals #staypositive #itslonelyatthetop!

Melissa Gorga is vowing to restock ENVY, and still claims that the business belongs to her — despite the fact that Jackie was freely able to strip the place bare, and liquidate the stock.

Do you believe that ENVY — aka Melissa’s Bravo storyline, lives? Sound off in the comments!


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