EXCLUSIVE: Kim De Paola Exposes Melissa Gorga’s ENVY Store Shut-Down & Claims Melissa Fleeced ENVY Credit Card for $1K Shoes For ‘RHONJ’ Reunion

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Melissa Gorga’s dream has been wiped out — The Real Housewives of New Jersey star’s fashionista storyline dismantled, and erased.

Melissa’s former business partner, Jackie Beard Robinson, has teamed with Kim De Paola, and has stripped Melissa’s retail business, ENVY, down to the bare bones.

Kim has already gone on record, claiming that Jackie is the real owner of the store, and that Melissa served only as a social media face. According to Kim, Jackie did not expect the arrangement to be a financial disaster.

Melissa is countering Kim’s claims via Twitter, pointing to a fame grab as the reason for Kim’s assertions. 

Kim slammed Melissa back, posting a message on Instagram, with a scathing caption. “Keep running your lying mouth @melissagorga !!!!” Kim writes, “You are a Fraud and a fake , with all your phony story lines !!! I have more for you !!!!!” #grifter #scammer #idontplay


Kim spoke to AllAboutTheTea.com exclusively, and reiterated exactly what went down with the Montclair boutique.

Jackie was the real owner of ENVY. She and Melissa had a partnership deal, where Melissa would get 5% off the top for promoting the business,” Kim clarifies. “She was supposed to promote on Instagram ​with pictures, ​but did not supposedly fulfill her obligations.”

Kim points to the obvious — noting that the store has been stripped bare, and everything in it removed.

“If Melissa was the owner like she’s claiming to be, why was Jackie able to strip the all the ​​furniture, computers, cameras, chandeliers and the entire inventory of ENVY clothing?” Kim asks. “Everything is gone. The only thing she left was the flooring and the built-ins.”

See an exclusive photo of the empty store below.

Fans watched Melissa’s husband, Joe Gorga, remodel the space, during the last season of RHONJ. Kim claims that Joe promised a discount, but Jackie paid a fortune.

“Before the boutique opened, Joe Gorga promised to cut Jackie a break in the price of the construction, but ​​charged her a whopping $150,000 for the remodel of a 5000 sq. ft ​store,” Kim reveals.

Kim flatly denies that she has her sights set on another reality stint on Bravo.

“I am not trying to take over Melissa’s store. Jackie came to me seeking help, because the store was bleeding her ​​and she was not happy with her partnership with Melissa Gorga.” Kim adds, “I do NOT want to be a ‘Housewife,’ I don’t need their life. I am a business woman, live a very happy life, and I rescue animals.”

Movers packing up ENVY boutique for the shut down

Kim alleges that Melissa was fleecing Jackie, using the ENVY credit card fund her own wardrobe.

“Melissa charged $1,000 pair of shoes from Neiman Marcus on the ENVY company credit card to wear to the RHONJ reunion,” Kim says.

Melissa Gorga’s recent RHONJ Reunion shoes allegedly purchased with ENVY’s credit card

So what does the future look like for ENVY and Melissa Gorga? Melissa is currently claiming that the shut-down is temporary.

“Right now, Jackie owns everything tied to ENVY,” Kim clarifies.“Melissa wants the company, but has not signed the paperwork and forked over the money.”

ENVY inventory being stored in a top secret location

As reported, a liquidation sale is scheduled for tomorrow, at Kim’s boutique, Posche.

“On Thursday, Jackie and I are holding a liquidation sale, and the event is going to be beautiful,” Kim says. ​“I’m going to help her liquidate everything that was in the store.”

Melissa Gorga is on display — and the image is nothing to envy. Stay tuned as we follow the story. 


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