[VIDEO] ‘RHOA’ Peter Thomas Addresses Haters In Boastful Instagram Rant!

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There’s never a dull moment in the world of Peter Thomas!

After The Real Housewives of Atlanta star went on a rampage last week — slamming Phaedra Parks — social media had a lot of criticism for the chatty reality star.


Cynthia Bailey‘s ex-husband, stopped by Charlotte radio station, Power 98 FM, and dished on Phaedra‘s fakeness he stated, “Phaedra is a liar. She contradicts herself on every episode.” After the interview many RHOA fans expressed happiness over Peter’s upcoming departure from the show. On Monday, Peter took to Instagram to set his haters and fans straight. 



After last Sunday’s messy episode with Phaedra and Kandi spilling each other’s tea, Peter posted his reaction to all the drama.



Stay tuned  I’m confident we haven’t heard the last of Peter on this subject.



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