‘RHOA’ Star Peter Thomas Confirms Divorce From Cynthia Bailey Is Final & He’s Dating A Mystery Woman

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Peter Thomas, ex-husband of Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Cynthia Bailey, spilled all the tea about the status of his divorce with Vonyetta at Power 98 FM in Charlotte.

Peter took some time to throw shade at Phaedra Parks, calling her a liar and a freak. Then he spoke of his breakup with Cynthia. To hear Peter tell it, he didn’t want a divorce. He laid it all on Cynthia’s broad shoulders.

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Peter felt that Cynthia never believed in him or his businesses. Sure, he might have declared bankruptcy a few times and lost all of her investment money, but what’s a little debt between spouses?

“She said many times on the show that she doesn’t believe in what I do. If you don’t believe in what I do for a living, then you don’t believe in me. Basically, that was the demise of our marriage, and that started four or five years ago.”

Peter took full credit for Cynthia’s new businesses. 

“Everybody around her recognize that I helped her get to where she is. It’s a beautiful thing, because that’s why I was in it with her… Cynthia Bailey wasn’t a business person. Cynthia Bailey was a girl who punched a clock for the model thing for twenty-five years.”

Peter even claimed that he introduced her to Cargo and got her the sunglasses deal. But he did offer this one tiny concession:

“I’m not going to say I financed her dreams, because that would be a lie.”

Then he went and ruined it with this:

“What I am going to say is that I helped bring her dreams to fruition.”

Peter claimed that from the outset, he and Cynthia were going to hustle for their businesses, and they’d often pass each other in the sky. Though they spent little time together, their work was more important. But “she went in a different direction, I didn’t.”

“I was still bringing home everything, the bacon…the kitchen sink…everything was coming home with me. I wasn’t out there playing the field… I was building a home for ourself [sic]. She was building Cynthia Bailey.”

He stated that he was in the marriage for the long haul, but even as they took their vows, Cynthia was looking for a back door. He cited the way her mother and sister, Mal, acted during the wedding as they played “hide the marriage certificate” to save Cynthia from herself.

Even though Peter was living in Charlotte and spent little time with Cynthia, the Charlotte bars were a joint decision. (Wait—but I thought Cynthia wasn’t supportive of Peter and his business? So, which is it?) Peter’s beef with his wife was that she only visited him three times in three years—and only to tape the show.

“It kind of bothered me for the fact that…I’m going to be honest with you—I really didn’t think of it. There’s not a day that being on the show that we get up that we’re not working.”

The only vacations they’ve ever taken were trips provided by Bravo. They were both too busy working. Though how Cynthia managed her career without Peter holding her hand 24/7 is something of a mystery—since he was her business mentor and all.

“It was constant grinding, grinding, grinding… So all the time I was here, I knew what she was doing. She was working… Our home was never our home anymore. Every day you get up there, the glam squad is not there then the Bravo people is there…your home is not even a sanctuary.”

Peter even denigrated Cynthia’s role on the show, saying she wasn’t “as skillful as a lot [of the other women].”

“She used to go to bed talking to Nene. She used to wake up talking to Nene… They always have to have alliance going on.”

When asked about that video, the one where Peter got cozy with a woman at one of his bars, talking in her ear and caressing her chest, he said it was all innocent. He was merely trying to put her in her place. 

“That young lady is a customer at SportsOne and I saw her at my man bar. I was with some other people, and she probably had too many drinks. She’s like, ‘You’re over there with those white people…’ I have to go over and check her. It’s loud in there…so I have to go over and damn near whisper in her ears…. I grabbed her, like chill.”



He clutched his own throat to show how he was trying to calm her down. Sure, Peter. Accosting a customer by grabbing her throat. That makes sense.

Despite everything, Peter said he and Cynthia are still good friends. He even went with her on the Bravo sponsored trip to Hawaii. But not because he wanted to. He’s contractually obligated, of course! And no, he wasn’t even tempted to reunite with Cynthia. “When it’s over, it’s over.”

He didn’t even want a settlement although he was entitled to one. Because he’s such a standup guy, he didn’t demand half her earnings, but did insist she sell the townhouse they shared together—though he’s not asking for any of the proceeds. Peter then implied that Cynthia needs all her coins because she’s not a hustler like he is.

Peter also called himself “the king of Charlotte” which had social media in a frenzy. But Peter isn’t backing off his boastful statement. “I am a king. I was born a king.”

You tell me. Is Peter a king? Did he singlehandedly mold Cynthia’s post-modeling career? Tell us what you think. Sound off in the comments.


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