Peter Thomas Exposes Phaedra Parks As A Liar, Closet Freak & Claims She Knew About Apollo’s Crimes!

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Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Phaedra Parks, recently went on the Daily Dish, the SiriusXM show hosted by her good pal, Porsha Williams.

Phaedra talked about the most recent episode, where she met up with former BFF, Kandi Burruss, to politely ask Kandi to slap a muzzle on her mother, Mama Joyce. Mama J had been slinking around, talking to lawyers about why Phaedra might be dragging her heels in the divorce with Apollo. Mama Joyce thought Phaedra was a big, fat liar. And she’s not the only one.

Cynthia Bailey’s ex, Peter Thomas, reached out to a Charlotte radio station, Power 98 FM, and talked to Vonyetta about how fake Phaedra truly is. He stated that “Phaedra is a liar. She contradicts herself on every episode.”

And there’s plenty more smack talk where that came from. According to the former Mr. Cynthia Bailey:

“She’s a liar! There’s two Phaedra Parks… y’all don’t even get it … She talk about the prayer cloths and then she talk about sucking, you know what I’m saying…She talk about the prayer cloths and child of God and all of that stuff but at the same she’s the wildest freak on the show. Everybody sees her display that on the show.”

I wonder how Peter came by this information. Does Apollo have loose lips or does Phaedra let her freak flag fly off camera?

Not only that, Peter said Freaky Phaedra really did have an affair with an African she referred to as Mr. Chocolate. While Apollo was running around Atlanta hiding his worldly goods, Phaedra was busy with her new man.

During his interview, Peter insisted the texts Apollo showed him were proof of the affair and not doctored.

“[Apollo] didn’t doctor those documents he showed me two seasons ago about the African dude, Chocolate, or whatever. He screenshot that on her phone, and he was very distraught about it.”

Phaedra played down the rumors by posting a picture of her white female friend whom she referred to as “White Chocolate.” But Mr. Chocolate’s name resurfaced this season when Kandi brought him up at the sit down she had with Phaedra. Kandi said Phaedra couldn’t wait until Apollo went to prison.

“We both know, you was counting down the days until he went away anyways…I’m making it light cause you made it light to me…You was already talking to other people before your husband even went to jail. When we would talk, you be like, you was already planning to marry somebody else by the new year. So really, it was a stress off your back at the time. That was the way you were putting it to me.”

Kandi also gave this zinger in her talking head:

“Now I know my name is Kandi but it ain’t chocolate okay and you know you had chocolate melted in your mouth and not in your hands honey!”

During the interview, Peter claimed that Apollo stayed faithful to Phaedra. Peter said Apollo didn’t have a girlfriend in the street, otherwise we all would have known about it, because apparently you can’t keep that kind of thing quiet.

“When you do dirt, people are going to find out. And they can’t wait to blow your head off. You ever hear anything about Apollo—other than he was committing criminal acts?”

As for Apollo and his fiancée, Sherien Almufti, they were friends before he went in. In fact, she was at his goodbye party. But Peter said he didn’t pick up on any romantic vibes. However, he did speculate that perhaps she helped him in his fraudulent business ventures. When Apollo was “doing his activities in other states” she knew people to “do paperwork for him.” In fact, they met in Philly, where Almufti is from.

In an upcoming episode, Peter and Kandi’s husband, Todd, escort Sherien into the Old Lady Gang restaurant and film a scene with her.

Peter despises Phaedra. He recently met her two sisters in Charlotte.

“Her own people don’t mess with her.”

Phaedra’s cheating wasn’t the only allegation Peter made against her. He said she knew all about Apollo’s shady business deals. Phaedra allegedly said, “Chile, as long as you don’t get caught, I ain’t got nothing to do with it.” Peter went on:

“She knows exactly what Apollo was doing when he was doing it. When he was committing bank fraud and all of those frauds and living up in the house with her and getting that brand new house in Buckhead…She knows what that man was doing when he’s got three, four cars and can’t show you a pay stub. She got to know what he was doing… she’s a lawyer!”

And the final betrayal, in Peter’s eyes, was the fact that Phaedra had only visited Apollo twice, and both times as she filmed for Bravo.

“He’s been in the joint for two years and saw her twice. Once, she went up there because she was forced by the network to bring the kids up there. The second time she went up there was to get him to sign divorce papers.”

Listen to the interview above and and tell us: is Peter telling the truth about Phaedra? Second question: why would he bother going on a radio show just to blast her? Perhaps Peter is missing the limelight. What’s your take?


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