‘You’re Not Ready for Marriage!’ ‘Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Shoots Down Mykelti’s Boyfriend in Season Premiere

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Kody Brown has married off one of his daughters, but as viewers will see on tonight’s premiere episode of Sister Wives — he’s not exactly eager for a second go-round.

A preview of tonight’s season premiere reveals Kody outlining some ground rules with Tony Padron, before he blesses his request to propose to his daughter, Mykelti Brown, 20.

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Mykelti is one of Kody’s daughters with third wife, Christine Brown.

“I definitely was nervous to ask Kody to step aside for me to go talk about Mykelti,” Padron says to the camera. “I mean, who wouldn’t be?”

“I’d like to give you my blessing, but I’d like to give you just a couple requests.… one thing I would like,” Kody begins. “This is going to be a hard one for you, I think… I would like your commitment that you would never discourage your children from plural marriage. I would never want my grandchildren being separated from me.”

“I notice that Kody didn’t say yes right away, so that was kind of a bummer.” Padron says. “I respect Kody’s wishes because I was raised Catholic, and I converted to Mormonism back when I was 17. If I had been taught that other options aside from Catholicism were a bad thing, I may have never ended up where I am now.”

Kody nudges his future son-in-law away from rushing into marriage, when he tells him, ”The other thing I’d like you to consider is, I think that you need time before you get married. And I’m thinking more likely 10 months to a year.”

The plural drama kicks off, when Sister Wives premieres, tonight at 8:00 pm ET.


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