‘Sister Wives’ Star Mykelti Brown Is Engaged to Antonio Padron: ‘He Completes Me in Every Way’

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Mykelti Brown and Antonio "Tony" Padron_Sister Wives

The cult exodus continues, as another of the kiddos spawned by Sister Wives’ stud, Kody Brown, is officially off the market.

Kody and Christine Brown’s daughter, Mykelti has announced her engagement, two weeks after the first Brown wedding, where Maddie tied the knot with Caleb Brush. Mykelti shared her happy news on Instagram, captioning a photo about her engagement to Antonio Padron — ”I’m getting married to my best friend and I’m so happy. He asked and I said yes, but what I’m really excited for is when we get to say ‘I do’. I love you Tony.”


It looks like Tony is about to drop Mykelti flat on her back, but the fifth Brown offspring is obviously over the moon. The announcement was strategically timed with the next Sister Wives episode, where Mykelti spills the news of her serious romance to her mother. The official news was also likely stalled to avoid stealing Maddie’s bridal thunder.

Mykelti and Maddie both became engaged, at the tender age of 19. Mykelti’s biological mom, Christine, is considered “blue blood” in polygamy-land. Her family has been entrenched in the plural lifestyle for generations. Mykelti rejected polygamy at a young age, and she and Tony will have a monogamous marriage. Mykelti gushed to US Weekly about the proposal, which occurred during a hike, close to home, in Utah.

“Tony got down on one knee and recited a poem he had written for me while opening a ring box,” she reveals. “It was such a beautiful ring. I said ‘yes’ with all my heart and I meant it!”


Mykelti, a sales associate, describes her boyfriend, whom she had been dating for 9 months, at the time of the proposal. “Tony completes me in every way,” Mykelti says. “He is an incredible man and together, I believe we are perfect.”

Tony is equally thrilled. “I feel as if I’ve completed a puzzle with her and added superglue to keep it together forever!” he gushes.


The 22-year-old banker said that asking Kody for his daughter’s hand was intimidating, but that time spent with Kody allowed him to earn the patriarch’s respect. Padron shares that Kody was “overjoyed” — a sure sign that Caleb has been knocked out of the saddle. Christine also appears to be fond of her future son-in-law. You asked for it, Tony!


The reality star’s ring is a green amethyst, set in yellow gold — a sparkler that Mykelti describes as “the perfect one.” The couple has not set a date, but is planning a “Mexican vintage” wedding, because it represents “both of them.” Another Brown shindig — maybe we will see a traditional Mexican dance incorporated into their party dance repertoire.

Congratulations to the second Brown kid to dodge polygamy — may the trend continue. Logan is up next.


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