Busted! Siggy Flicker Caught Red-Handed Playing Both Sides In The Jacqueline Laurita & Teresa Giudice Feud

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The Real Housewives of Jersey was just a fading memory — until Teresa Giudice’s final blog kicked off a fresh wave of drama.

Teresa accused “certain people,” aka Jacqueline Laurita, of bringing Siggy Flicker on board to “bring her down” — a plot evidently foiled by Teresa’s magnetic personality.

Siggy immediately air-horned her denial on Twitter — claiming that she said no such thing. Teresa came to Siggy’s rescue, agreeing to change an incriminating sentence in order to bail out her new reality bestie.

Siggy loves TeresaSiggy loves Jacqueline…a relationship expert who is a fair, impartial, and lover of all — or so she says.

An insider close to the cast spills that Siggy’s stance is not so cut and dry. Our source also calls foul on Teresa’s anecdote about a girls trip spent with Siggy and Dolores Catania.

In Teresa‘s blog, she mentions vacationing with Siggy and Dolores after filming wrapped and implied the three gossiped about Jacqueline. A source close to the circle of friends tells AllAboutTheTea.com that it wasn’t an all girls trip but instead a common event — “It was not a planned vacation. Teresa is twisting the truth again.”

Regardless if it was planned or not, a lot of gossiping about Jacqueline among her “friends,” took place and Teresa spilled the tea in her Bravo blog.

Siggy gives the impression that she doesn’t care if the cast gets along — as long as she is liked by all parties — which gives her the opportunity to dole out fake relationship advice. She is out for herself….not Teresa or Jacqueline.

Teresa busted Siggy red-handed for coming on the show armed with an agenda — but it appears that the relationship pro switched gears when Bravo cameras began rolling. “Fall in love” with the returning felon of the show — because Plan A might not pay off.

Siggy defends Jacqueline, but refused to pick a lane during the season — likely shooting to bag a Season 7 popularity award. Teresa’s final blog clumsily exposed Siggy’s diplomatic dance.

How would you rate Siggy’s rookie season — MVP or deafening one season wonder?


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