‘RHONJ’ Felon Teresa Giudice Claims Jacqueline Laurita Brought Siggy Flicker On The Show To Take Her Down

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Teresa Giudice on Rosie and Kathy: "They Put Our Family Through the Mud"

Season seven of the Real Housewives of New Jersey has wrapped up. Sides have been drawn — and quartered. And bonds have been broken forever.

For RHONJ felon, Teresa Giudice, she’s glad it’s over.

In her last blog of the season, Teresa talks about the reality of reality TV. She’s authentic, you see, where others are fake. And by others, of course she’d referring to Jacqueline Laurita. Teresa builds a case for her realness in an attempt to take one final swipe at Jacqueline. So, let’s put her to the test and see how real she truly is.

After the show stopped filming, Teresa said she bonded with newcomer, Siggy Flicker, and longtime friend, Dolores Catania. The three went on an all-girls vacay, and had a blast.

“…we had a very deep and very honest conversation about certain people (you know who they are) who were obviously not to happy to see us smiling and laughing together.”

Oh, that sly Teresa. Yes, we know you’re talking about Jacqueline, you little minx! And according to Teresa, there was an ulterior motive for having Siggy join the show. Revenge! Jacqueline wanted an ally against Teresa, but it backfired, because now Siggy and Teresa braid each other’s hair on the regular.

“My relationship with Siggy is REAL. She told me that certain people wanted her on the show to bring me down and that instead she fell in love with me. Why? Because I’m REAL.”

Did Siggy really say that? Who knows? For all of Teresa’s claims of being “real” she has a history of being a liar — and a stint in the clink to prove it. At the reunion, she was quick to call Jacqueline a stripper, but once Chris hit the stage, she changed her story and said she gave lap dances to men when they went out to club. Teresa also has a bad habit of backpedaling.

Teresa’s relationship with Jacqueline was real at one point, but Teresa felt that Jacqueline set out to hurt her family. Once that happened, they were done-so.

“My relationship with Jacqueline? For me, at one point, it was very real. I considered Jacqueline one of my very best girlfriends… But when the relationship went from being REAL to being part of some Housewives game that she was playing, where she actually set out to hurt my family, that’s when and where it ended for me.”

After all, Teresa has managed to keep friendships going with other former castmates. Because, you know, she’s real.

“If I am so bad, why…am I spending time, and lots of it, with my brother and Melissa… Why is it that I have maintained my relationship with Dina Manzo… Just last week I had dinner with Rino, Teresa and Nicole… I have reconnected with Danielle Staub and would love to see her back…”

Yes, because that friendship with Danielle is soooo genuine. Teresa said herself she’d love to see Danielle come back to attack Jacqueline. Yet in this very blog, she stated she doesn’t play games.

“Someone once described being a Housewife to me as being one big chess game, and in many ways, I guess it is for some people, but not for me. First of all, I don’t play chess, and I don’t play games. Whether you like it or not, with me, what you see is what you get.”

Am I the only one who remembers Teresa trying to set Melissa up, first as a cheating wife and then as a stripper? That was on tape, right?

I find Teresa guilty of being fake. Am I wrong? Is Teresa a real Real Housewife? And did Siggy only come on the show to take down Teresa?


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