‘RHONY’ Jules Wainstein’s Divorce Gets Ugly! Drug Abuse Allegations, Financial and Custody Issues

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In a divorce that’s already ugly, things just got a whole lot uglier for former Real Housewives of New York star, Jules Wainstein, and her vertically challenged, soon-to-be ex-husband, Michael.

The two appeared in matrimonial court on Wednesday in Manhattan to continue their custody battle of their two children. Michael is claiming Jules “has a history of drug abuse.”

Michael’s attorney, Morghan Richardson said one had to “look no further than to watch TV to see the bag of drugs that she carries around.”

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He’s most likely referring to an episode of RHONY where Jules made calzones with the other women and joked about putting lidocaine and Percocet in it she just happened to have in her bag. Instead Jules settled for cutlery.

Richardson also said Jules had a “stint at a rehab center” for drug abuse and an eating disorder. This is especially sad because if attending rehab were a precursor for losing custody of your kids, no one would ever seek help.

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The Daily News said the judge, Justice Michael Katz, “demanded” that Michael and his attorney provide evidence of the alleged drug abuse, such as an affidavit from their nanny, adding, “I don’t try cases based on what may or may not be on the television.”

Because if the judge did try cases based on televisions shows, Jules could enter into evidence Michael’s inability to care for his own children when she took a short trip to Miami.

After Wednesday’s hearing, when asked for comment about the drug allegations and Michael’s sole custody case, Jules said, “I’m not allowed to talk, I’m sorry.”

Jules had originally asked the courts for $25,000 per month in child and spousal support, which Michael fought citing financial struggles “due to their high-profile split.” However, Jules’ lawyer countered that Jules and her children “should maintain the lifestyle” they have come accustomed to, which included, home renovations, fine dining and travel.

The judge ordered Michael to pay $10,000 per month, but will reconsider that amount upon further review of the couple’s financial situation.


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