Lisa Nicole Cloud Reveals She’s In Therapy After Husband’s Gay Cheating Scandal Was Exposed

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Let the healing begin! Lisa Nicole Cloud, star of Married to Medicine, has admitted that she and her allegedly cheating husband, Darren Naugles, are in counseling. And from what she says, the couple who thinks having a baby will solve their problems, has been in therapy for a while. Who’s to blame? Blame it on the show.

“Last year was a tough year – it was a real tough year from the incident with the stripper and the other incident,’ Cloud told Radar Online. “Not that I didn’t believe some of the stuff – I did feel the situation with the guy was very manipulated and set up – but it did put me at a place where we really had to, and still are, working though communication and trust and talking through our feelings.”

Lisa Nicole credits consistent counseling for their ability to work through this process.

“I believe that counseling is not something you do when you’re in a crisis situation in your marriage,” she explained. “You need to do it throughout, almost like maintenance. And so, we do.”

Not to worry, Lisa Nicole vows not to be another reality television divorce statistic.

“We’ve gotten closer but shows can be very difficult on a relationship,” Lisa revealed. “We’re going to stay in counseling to continue to help us throughout this process. There are plenty of marriages that have gone down because of reality TV, and we’re not going to be one of them!”

During season four of Married to Medicine, Dr. Darren was outed for two things: frequenting strip clubs and accused of sleeping with a man behind his wife’s back. This was a low point for Lisa Nicole and she considered quitting the show, but decided, “It is what it is.”

“It’s a great platform for other things that we’re looking to accomplish.”

But when things get real, look out! In the meantime, Lisa Nicole looks forward to her celebration of life.


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