’90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?’ Mohamed Slams Wife Danielle: ‘She Needs To See A Doctor Before She Has Sex’

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The Tell-All episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? concludes with host, Shaun Robinson, immediately picking up with Danielle Mullins and Mohamed Jbali’s story. Shaun decides to amp the drama, by unleashing the cast on each other, in a strikingly tacky spectacle. Melanie gets my vote for the most sanctimoniously annoying — magnified by her husband, know-nothing Devar, practically mounting her in her seat. 

Mohamed and Danielle argue over their marital finances — basically Danielle was a broke American, and Mohamed didn’t appreciate it. Loren smooths her hair, lowers her eyelids, and labels the couple’s story a ridiculous circus act — not at all like her insufferable bridezilla performance in Israel. Loren babbles about the couple making “the process” look like a joke, clearly peeved by the lost camera time. She forgets that no one cares about her whiny tale — including this writer.

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The couples offer commentary about whether or not they believe that Mohamed was in it for the green card. The host SHOULD ask them all how it feels to rotate around the very story they claimed made a mockery of  their own tales of true love. Kyle can barely look up from the floor, but arrogantly claims that he is “disappointed.” Paola lectures Mohamed like a child, ignoring all of the tantrums she threw to convince her husband to cut her (and her top) loose. Danielle busts Mohamed for being a no-good freeloader, and Mohamed exaggerates that he applied for “thousands” of jobs. Mohamed blames Danielle’s bad-mouthing for killing his American career, as Paola continues to chatter in the background.


Shaun again baits the cast and it pays off big, when Mohamed and Danielle’s sex life is once again addressed. Kyle nosily demands to know if the marriage was consummated, and we learn that it took a couple of months for Danielle and Mohamed to hold their breaths and do the deed. The couples gasp in unison, while dopey Loren offers her crack love analysis. Mohamed twists the knife, pointing to female issues that he believes need to be medically addressed. A humiliated Danielle walks out, and Mohamed gets scolded by the very people who pushed him to spill the foul tea. A shouting match ensues, and Shaun just blinks and watches the fireworks.

'90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?' Mohamed Slams Wife Danielle: 'She Needs To See A Doctor Before She Has Sex

The cast hammers Mohamed, especially Paola, who can’t hide her drama-lovin’ smirk. Mohamed gets angry and bellows his defense, calling them all drunken baiters. Mohamed and Devar get into a man-squabble over the correct usage order of “freaking” and “drunk,” and Shaun finally realizes that she’s lost control of the zoo. Devar continues to threaten Mohamed during a break, but Mohamed isn’t scared of his little-man confidence. Danielle returns, but Mohamed decides to exit, complaining to producers that his sex-starved wife brought up her own issue. He goes on to explain that his wife is stinky down there, and that is the plain truth. He also claims that he tried to get Danielle to run away to another world with him, but she refused. His reasons for leaving are endless, and he has officially reached his limit of Danielle-horror. Mohamed leaves the studio  dramatically, as the show wraps.

The current cast of 90 Day Fiance wraps with it’s own Tell All next week. Don’t miss it! 


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