Phaedra Parks Lying About Being Divorced From Apollo Nida? No Divorce Filing Exists!

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Phaedra Parks says she’s officially a single woman — according to The Real Housewives of Atlanta star, her divorce from Apollo Nida is officially final.

Phaedra revealed during a recent appearance on Raq Rants that her divorce to imprisoned Apollo Nida is completed. The reality couple had been married since 2009.

Apollo‘s currently serving an 8 year prison sentence for cashing stolen checks and laundering more than $2 million.

Now, Apollo is speaking out from his prison cell and tells TMZ — it’s news to him that the divorce had become final. Common sense tells you, each party involved in a divorce is made aware when it’s final so what’s the deal?

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In addition to Apollo‘s assertion, no divorce filing (under the couple’s name) exist in Fulton County superior court.

“As I understand the law, unless they consented to jurisdiction elsewhere, Fulton County superior court would have jurisdiction on this case,” Straight From The A reports, “Phaedra is a resident of Fulton County and Apollo is as well. Even though he is incarcerated in another state, for the purposes of jurisdiction in a civil suit his last place of residence would control (jail does not constitute residence for the purposes of jurisdiction).”

Phaedra’s crooked reputation rears its ugly head again! The ninth season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta began airing last week and Phaedra’s motives seem clear. The southern belle will use divorce — fake or real as her storyline this season.


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