‘RHONY’ Michael Wainstein Sued For Defrauding Famed Composer by Claiming He Owned An Apartment

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Michael Wainstein has some explaining to do.

A new lawsuit alleges that the estranged husband of ex-Real Housewives of New York star, Jules Wainstein, is being accused of defrauding composer, Jonathan Sheffer.

According to legal documents, Sheffer was “tricked” by Wainstein into believing he owned a Manhattan condo when in fact, Julianne Wainstein is listed as the owner.

This occurred last year after Sheffer, a newly divorced father to newborn twins, needed a place to live after selling his $18.1 million dollar townhouse. The rental agreement stipulated that Sheffer pay a monthly rent of $4,000 directly to Michael.

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The lawsuit states that Wainstein never received approval from the condo board to sublet the unit “yet continued to accept payments from Sheffer.”

During Jules’ rookie season on RHONY, Michael was often seen by viewers as a shady character who took lots of showers and was never around.

Since the announcement of the divorce, money troubles have plagued Michael. He was hit with a $23K tax lien earlier this year for non-payment of state taxes.


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