Michael Wainstein & Psychologist Mistress Elyse Bensusan Spotted At Burlesque Show [Exclusive]

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Michael Wainstein_RHONY

The proverbial jig is up with Michael Wainstein, husband of Real Housewives of New York rookie, Jules Wainstein.

The venture capitalist was recently exposed holding hands with NYC psychologist, Elyse Bensusan, after being accused of—and denying—an affair with a “close friend” of his wife’s. An onlooker has now come forward, and is claiming that Michael and Elyse were spotted cozying up in public, on May 27th.

“Michael and Elyse were out together at a burlesque show, in the Village, at the end of May. They came in together, sat together, and were all over each other, during the show. It was dark, so it was hard to grab a photo inside the place—but it was them,” alleges the onlooker. 

The source alleges that the couple was sighted on May 27th, at Le Poisson Rouge, catching a show entitled “Our Hills Are Alive,” a burlesque rendition of The Sound of Music. The theatre is located at 158 Bleecker St.

Elyse is a lot curvier than Jules, and I thought she looked Latino,” noted the snitch.

Michael served Jules with divorce papers a week ago, after the alleged affair was discovered. An insider claims that Michael was texting Bensusan back in January, and viewers witnessed some of his suspicious behavior on the Bravo reality show. Both couples continue to live in their respective homes with their spouses, and children. The climate in the Wainstein home has turned nasty, with allegations of abuse coming from both sides.

Elyse was supposedly separated from her husband, Tsion Bensusan, when she met Michael. Elyse and Tsion have been married since 2010, and Michael and Jules have been married 8 years.

Manhattan is a small place to sneak around in, unnoticed. Is this just the beginning of perceptive eyes coming forward to spill the deets, as the Wainsteins battle it out in court? 


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