EXCLUSIVE: What Ends Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson’s Friendship Forever In Ireland #RHOC

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What Ends Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson's Friendship FOREVER In Ireland_RHOC

A Real Housewives of Orange County preview reveals that things go from bad to worse, as the cast prepares to exit Ireland. Tamra is seen in the van screaming “F*ck you!” directly in Vicki’s face, after the duo’s friendship had taken positive steps forward.

Kelly Dodd used her last bit of time in Ireland to expose secrets and fight back, after being bullied by most of the cast.

An exclusive source is spilling the details about what led to Tamra’s second meltdown of the trip.

“When Kelly joined the cast, she asked Vicki to fill her in on the girls,” explains the source. “Vicki told Kelly that Eddie may be gay. Kelly felt beat up and alone, so she spilled her guts.”

The insider also tells us that the gay rumors that have plagued Eddie for years are reportedly true and allegedly Tamra is aware of her hubby’s purported preference.

Tamra reacted that way in the van, because Kelly hit a deep nerve,” reports the tipster.

A look back at Vicki and Tamra’s social media accounts reveal an all out Twitter war in May/June following their return from Ireland, aligning with the scathing disclosures that went down on the way to the airport.

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Kelly made no secret of the fact that she felt set up, bullied, and alone. Kelly slammed the ladies back, and the tea hits the fan. Vicki and Tamra’s friendship remains broken.

The drama boils over and shocking secrets are exposed, as the Bravo ladies head back to the OC. Stay tuned.

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