Vicki Gunvalson Has Reached Her Breaking Point With Shannon & Tamra! ‘Enough Is Enough’

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On The Real Housewives of Orange County, Vicki Gunvalson and her former friend, Shannon Beador are still at loggerheads. And it doesn’t look like that will change anytime soon.

“When I went to Meghan and Jim’s party, I went in with a thought that if I see Shannon, I will simply remove myself from wherever she was. She has continued to put out to the universe that I am a liar, and I’m fed up with it.”

Vicki still maintains her innocence in Brooks’ cancer scam.

“Everyone who knows me…knows I would never do anything like Shannon is accusing me of. I didn’t lie about “his” illness and I don’t understand why she is so fixated on this topic. Everyone who knew “him” and I, experienced the same thing I did and also believe(d) he was/is sick.”

Vicki’s tired of Shannon’s accusations.

“I’m also DONE with her and her continued negative attitude and bashing of me and her bullying me… her desire to keep my ex-boyfriend’s name and the problems I went through with him in her vocabulary is her problem and her issue.”

Shannon tried to talk to Vicki at Meghan Edmonds’ candle party.

“When Shannon came up to me at the party and wanted to confront me about not acknowledging that I called her, I thought it was inappropriate timing and just plain rude.”

Vicki thinks the phone call was a CYA moment.

“I think she called me only to save face because the other ladies were so nice to me and questioned her and her lack of compassion…”

Vicki says she knows Shannon’s secrets.

“When I called Shannon a liar, is because she is. We all have lied in the past for something, whether it was a white lie, a malicious lie or something in between…I know something that is very hurtful about the Beadors which she has lied about. I have no desire to hurt her or her family, but she has hurt me beyond words and I don’t know what to do about her anymore.”

But Shannon’s not the only negative person in Vicki’s life. Tamra gets called out, as well.

“I just want her to keep her negativity away from me. I’m not ok with name calling or hurtful comments from her anymore. If she’s not fighting or arguing with someone, she is not being Tamra.”

Furthermore, Vicki thinks Tamra is a puppet master, pulling Shannon’s strings.

“Unfortunately, when Tamra gets in her little circle of “friends” (puppets), she changes and then creates problems (AKA: pot stirrer). I can’t figure out if it’s for real, or if it’s to cause drama and to get attention.”

Vicki is hopeful that Kelly Dodd can work things out with her husband, Michael.

“Watching Michael and Kelly interact with each other the night of Heather’s book party was hard. I know they have gone through some tough times, and it is always heightened when alcohol is involved… They are working through their “issues”… Kelly has been a good friend to me, and I to her.”

Vicki also has a new man in her life. She introduced Steve at Heather Dubrow’s book launch party.

“My daughter told me when I wasn’t looking, a great man would appear and it would be in God’s perfect timing. Well my daughter was once again right and God is good. He has blessed me with an incredible man when I was least expecting it.”

So, do you think Vicki has any dirt on Shannon or is it all bluster? It looks like Vicki and Tamra are at odds again, but how long will it be before they’re back to being besties?


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