‘RHOC’ Detective Meghan Edmonds Linked To Vicki Gunvalson’s Crazed Stalker Over Cancer Charity Scandal

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Meghan King Edmonds carved out her niche on The Real Housewives of Orange County as a nosy online detective.

A pregnancy and an uninterested husband have become her new reality, but newly exposed info might reveal that Meghan has been up to her old tricks.     

Vicki Gunvalson has been dealing with a disturbed individual in recent weeks, hell bent on making Vicki’s own reality a nightmare. A man by the name of Michael Lissack has been spreading slanderous claims about Vicki, and her participation in a charitable project labeled #KillAllCancer. Lissack implicated Meghan as a partner in crime in a public shout out last week — communicating via an alleged veiled Twitter account. 


The tweet has since been deleted — in fact, despite the enthusiastic nod to Meghan, there is now no recent mention of Vicki or Meghan on the @juiceandjustice timeline. However, Lissack and this anonymous account know each other well.



This camouflaged tweeter is most definitely a “Housewives” fan. The heavily political account follows numerous Bravo fan accounts, and several Bravolebs.

Meghan’s entire storyline last season rotated around Vicki, and her shady boyfriend Brooks Ayers. She made it her mission to expose Brooks for faking cancer, and accepts credit for taking Vicki’s man down — a girl after a true stalker’s own heart. She’s now set her sights on Vicki Gunvalson‘s cancer charity, which she says is not a charity at all.

The deletion of the tweet is intriguing, and perhaps revealing. Was Meghan spooked by being publicly linked with a disturbed character, intimidating her co-star? Why the deletion? Fans noticed that Meghan was being tied to the dialogue.


The lawyer involved in setting up the charity with Vicki has responded to Lissack’s claims, and labels them baseless accusations from an internet troll. Nothing says “troll” like multiple accounts, co-signing the same lie.

Is Detective Meghan Edmonds back on the case? Do you think that Meghan is involved in this alarming effort to haunt and harass Vicki? Tell us what you think.


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