EXCLUSIVE: Vicki Gunvalson Harassed By Crazed Stalker Over Cancer Charity—Lawyer’s Statement Enclosed!

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Vicki Gunvalson_RHOC

Off-the-rails bitterness has reached new heights for Real Housewives of Orange County veteran, Vicki Gunvalson.

An apparent viewer turned disturbed stalker is making waves for Vicki, and his efforts are about to hit the legal skids. A persistent detractor, identifying himself as, Michael Lissack, has been spreading slanderous accusations about Vicki, and her participation in a charitable project labeled #KillAllCancer.

An attorney within Vicki’s legal team joined with Vicki to set up the charity — and has issued a statement, addressing Lissack’s personally motivated attack.

“Recently, a disturbed individual has been mass mailing press outlets and state law enforcement agencies concerning Ms. Gunvalson and her public service announcements on behalf of a movement labeled #killallcancer. The individual, Michael Lissack, has made several slanderous accusations and half truths in order to advance his personal agenda against Ms. Gunvalson. Although I attempted to engage with him over his conduct, he has persisted in harassing Ms. Gunvalson. As explained in the email I sent to Mr. Lissack, I lost my brother a few years ago to cancer and I set up a gofundme page, which is directly linked to the City of Hope, a 501c charity.”

“I am versed with the IRS Code and the laws concerning solicitation for charities. As a former IRS attorney and licensed in several jurisdictions, I am aware of the requirements for entities who seek donors for legitimate charities. For that very reason, I created a direct link to a 501c charity in order to avoid any question as to where the funds would go or who would benefit. Mr. Lissack’s claims are baseless and I will not engage him any longer on this personal crusade against Ms. Gunvalson. I understand that Ms. Gunvalson may seek counsel and possibly sue Mr. Lissack for libel and slander, but other than that he will not be engaged any further. The facts are as I stated in the first email, which I have attached. It is extremely unfortunate that Ms. Gunvalson has been targeted for trying to help people in real need. Although she has no direct control or management of either the killallcancer website or the killallcancer gofundme page, she nevertheless has been the target of a vicious attack by an internet troll. I apologize to her on behalf of my Nephew and myself for the stress this episode has caused her and her family.” — Jeff Jordan

The cancer charity website has been taken down — and an insider tells AllAboutTheTea.com why.

“The site has been placed temporarily offline until Vicki’s lawyer’s can legally address and sort out the confusion caused by this internet stalker.” 

It’s relevant to note that personal cancer stories fuel raging fan contempt for Vicki — but another’s sad story is being viciously targeted, while attempting to work for good. Vicki can’t blink without being labeled a scammer — but runaway fan dislike simply does not define “fraud.” This matter is a legal one now.


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