‘Please Protect Your Son!’ #TeenMomOG Fans Hound Maci Bookout After Ryan Edwards Drug Scandal Explodes!

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Teen Mom OG star, Maci Bookout, got married last weekend, in a lavish Florida ceremony. But instead of basking in warm wishes from her fans, the young mom is being bombarded on social media about the state of the father of her eldest son, Ryan Edwards.

CLICK: Maci Bookout’s Ex Ryan Edwards Appears High On Drugs In Disturbing ‘Teen Mom OG’ Scenes

Ryan’s appearance during the last episode was startling, with two scenes revealing the young dad checked out, bug-eyed, and seemingly high. This development has fans clamoring for answers, and worried about the welfare of the son he shares with Maci. Ryan’s parents were also pictured at odds, after tossing their son out of their home — with only a vague explanation offered to a producer.

Instagram and Twitter are clogged with fan concern, with many viewers  begging Maci to protect the ex-couple’s son, Bentley. The scenes exposing Ryan in the alarming state were filmed months ago — so where does the young dad stand today?

“I came here just to see if there were any comments about how crazy/drugged up Ryan looked on tonight’s episode….”

“Omfg! Ryan is on drug’s you can totally tell he’s on something and his mom might see it but in denial.”

“Wow this episode was sad to watch and quite an eye opener as to why Ryan has been non-existent in Bentleys life. Ryan is high as a kite and his mom is right their helping him #enabler  Poor dad feels like he’s 3rd on the totem pole.”

“Omg Ryan is sooooo tweaked out. Poor Bentley”

“Someone get Ryan some help”

“Yea Ryan was totally messed up on something. Maci you better check him real quick that’s scary. My husband isn’t a TM fan at all but he seen Ryan come on tonight and said well that dude is hitting something hard.”

“Yes, as a viewer since you were 15…please for Bently’s sake get Ryan drug tested on the fly, he is not right!”

“Ryan is high on crystal. Look at his eyes and his physical signals.”

“Ryan’s looks like he’s on serious drugs…. please keep your son away from him until he gets serious help. Children do not need memories like that … it’s disturbing.”

“Oh my. Ryan needs drug tested for real. Keep that sweet boy out of his car.”

“very. I feel so bad for Bentley. He looked uncomfortable to be around Ryan.”

“Damn, baby dad is ON so much dope!! Dont have Bentley around that.”

“Please be careful. RYAN is clearly on something!!! Please protect your beautiful son!!! Please please please.”

Maci might be on her honeymoon — but Bentley’s reality is being revealed as no vacation. Maci and MTV should both address this disturbing spectacle. A young boy’s physical and emotional health is at stake, and that’s as real as reality TV gets.


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