Shocking! Maci Bookout’s Ex Ryan Edwards Appears High On Drugs In Disturbing ‘Teen Mom OG’ Scenes

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Maci Bookout's Ex Ryan Edwards Appears High On Drugs In Disturbing 'Teen Mom OG' Sneak Peek

A sneak peek gave Teen Mom OG viewers a glimpse at the broken relationship between Ryan Edwards and his father, Larry — but the father/son upset was just the beginning.

Fans were shocked to see Ryan in an alarming state, as the episode aired last night. Two scenes were revealed with Ryan — one with a producer, and one with his mom, Jen, and son, Bentley. The MTV dad is seen with his eyes glazed over, and bugged out — seemingly altered, and disturbingly checked out.

Fans on Twitter sounded off about the jarring display.

The scene with Ryan and his son on Father’s Day was a particularly sad one. Ryan is seen vacant and unfocused, asking Bentley the same question twice. Later we hear the boy’s mother, Maci Bookout, claim that Bentley no longer wants to go with his “Mimi,” aka Jen, anymore, presumably because she is the go-between with him and his father.

Larry laid into Ryan earlier in the episode while communicating with a producer, remarking that he “wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire.” Larry also snapped that Jen could pack and leave too, if she continues to put Ryan first. Fans can read between the lines, and deduce that Larry is furious, because he seemingly believes that Jen has enabled Ryan to be a “fuc*ing bum.” Larry should add MTV to his hit list.

Ryan is now living in a home owned by Jen and her siblings — and the vision  is a sorry spectacle. What say you MTV — funding another apparent drug user?


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