‘Real Housewives of Melbourne’ Season 3 Finale Spoilers!

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The Real Housewives of Melbourne is in mid-season, as the Australian smash plays out to an American audience. Melbourne’s sassiest housewives have not disappointed with a drama-packed third season!

The finale episode features Pettifleur making amends — rocking various shades of neon lipstick — and Lydia running away from being branded the cast gossip. Gina’s perfume launches, and Chyka strives to keep it classy. As usual, the ‘Housewives’ end the season with a cast get-together — a group  dinner punctuating Melbourne’s third season. The shade is REAL, and the zingers come fast and furious.

Jackie wants to know if she has been a hot gossip topic, and Lydia doesn’t hold back, labeling her a pot-stirrer and a liar.

Jackie slams back, and lists all of the juicy nuggets that Lydia has blabbed all over the reality stage. Gina’s hubby is “cracking” into Lydia, Pettifleur’s partner is a weirdo, Gamble is a sex fiend, Janet has had affairs, and Chyka’s family has hush-hush issues. Lydia blows off the gossip as made-up bullsh*t.

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Susie nails Lydia for spreading rumors about her during the demise of her  first marriage, and Lydia is appalled, because she hasn’t even laid eyes on Susie’s first hubby. Scratch that, because Susie informs her that she attended their wedding. Lydia blames the whoopsie on a wrestle with pre-dementia. Jackie accuses Lydia of having flings of her own, recalling a shady, post-event episode in a hotel room. Lydia is furious, and Chyka sticks up for marriage — wanting the chatter shut down. 

Pettifleur joins the bitchy fun, and also points to Lydia for dishing dirt all over Season 3. Lydia attempts a halfhearted apology, but Pettifleur opines that Lydia blows as a friend. Lydia claps back, which triggers another round of exploding f-bombs.

Dramatic Australians really know how to wrap a season! The Real Housewives of Melbourne Season 3 airs Fridays in the US on Bravo.


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