Chyka Keebaugh Quits Real Housewives of Melbourne Amid Scandalous Personal Life

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Chyka Keebaugh has a reputation for dodging drama, earning the nickname “Switzerland” on The Real Housewives of Melbourne. A mishmash of both on and off-camera upset appears to have triggered the reality star’s decision to quit the show. Chyka’s exit from the spotlight  was announced a few months back—but American viewers are just catching up, as the drama plays out in the U.S.

Chyka’s personal life has become a juicy storyline for the show, and off-camera challenges arose when her daughter landed in hot water, after being  busted for a serious speeding incident.

Chyka shared that she was bowing out to focus on her family, hospitality business and blossoming lifestyle brand.

Chyka announced the news on Instagram in May, captioning the post— “Reality TV is a ride and I have enjoyed it thoroughly, but that ride for me is now over. I have decided to close this door in order to make way for some exciting new opportunities within the lifestyle arena, for the ‘Chyka Home and Life’ media brand.”–mKqeTb/?hl=en

The 46-year old reality star decided to keep her departure a positive one, and that includes her attitude towards her now former cast mates.

“My friendships made during the show won’t change either, and I’ll look on with such pride as the girls film many more seasons full of drama, frocks and shocks!” she wrote.

Chyka’s off-camera life took a hit when she was forced to defend her daughter, after she was caught speeding three times in one day, by fixed cameras. Francesca, aka “Chessie” was fined $760, and lost nine demerit points from her license—which was suspended—as a result of the incident.

“If there is a story here, it’s that no one should speed, on that we all agree 100 per cent,’ Chyka told the Herald Sun. “Equally, there’s the issue around the multiple camera fines and demerit points attributed on a single journey of 20 minutes.”

Chyka’s move to bail comes directly after some dish about her personal life became the focus on the hugely popular Bravo franchise. Lydia Schiavello has been accused of spreading the gossip, but what the rumors are, have been kept hush-hush. None of the cast members have spilled the tea on Chyka’s family secrets, but many fans believe that they must be doozies, to have possibly triggered her departure from reality TV. 

Chyka Keebaugh Quits Real Housewives of Melbourne Amid Scandalous Personal Life

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