The REAL Reason Bethenny Frankel Avoided The #RHONY Reunion Group Hug EXPOSED!

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The third and final reunion installment of The Real Housewives of New York ended in a cast group hug — a positive ending to a brutal post-season rehash.

Bethenny Frankel sat out — despite dragging an apology out of Luann de Lesseps, after the Countess accused her of being a home wrecker. Bethenny took to Twitter during the show, initially using her strep throat as an excuse, then admitting that fake group hugs aren’t really in her wheelhouse.

Bethenny cited a need for a kinder reality landscape, before Andy invited the ladies in for the hug. We know that she doesn’t care if anyone catches her bug — so why the anti-hug revolt?   


Maybe it was because Luann ultimately stole Season 8 right out from under Bethenny. Bethenny’s endless, droning Skinnygirl commercial was interrupted by the Countess taking center stage, and with mad style. Virtually every cast member rotated around Luann’s story. Bethenny began speaking of her own “unexpected” romance early on — but Luann’s radiant happiness and Tom’s dicey past, shoved Bethenny’s boring divorce and her dark-heart-restart into the corner. No one cared about her disturbing love life until Bethenny supposedly invited the press to follow the happy couple around the city, in some quest for exposure. Bethenny’s desperation for positive relevance began to show. Luann punctuated her season by claiming the reunion — cool as a cucumber, while the teacher’s pet fumed, stammered, and stuttered her side.     

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Perhaps it was because Dorinda Medley, obviously annoyed by her own kowtowing to the cast bully, finally unleashed on Bethenny for her season-long nastiness. Or maybe because Carole Radziwill was outed as existing as Bethenny’s echoing lackey, and Bethenny was confirmed as a bossy tyrant to the only cast member she considers a true friend. The cast rookie — the meek, but sometimes powerful, Jules Wainstein, boasts the top question of the reunion, slam-dunking it when she asked “What’s WRONG with you Bethenny?” Sonja Morgan had long ago been beaten into submission. Ramona Singer ended the sit-down by embarrassing Bethenny with a leading smirk, indicating that she had some extra tea to spill on Tom’s wandering lips. Maybe that was why Bethenny was seen foraging around the couch pillows — perhaps trying uncover a scrap of nothingness that Ramona chose not to reveal. Despite the frantic side-eyes, even Andy Cohen could not rescue his Bravo-bestie, nor calm her jangly appearance.

Today Bethenny called for a “cease fire” on Luann and Tom, but stopped  short of agreeing to a “truce.”

The Season 8 game is over — and Bethenny walked away, knowing that she lost. 


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