#RHONY Luann de Lesseps Says Her Upcoming Wedding Is The Source Of Bethenny Frankel’s Anger

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Tonight on Watch What Happens Live, future bride and current Real Housewife of New York, Luann de Lesseps and Below Deck’s, Kate Chastain joined Andy Cohen in the clubhouse.

Kate has a habit of likening people to fonts, so she gave it a go with the cast from RHONY. Carole Radziwill was Aristocrat. She compared Sonja Morgan to Free Style Script. Jules Wainstein got the Times New Jewish moniker. Ramona Singer was Impact Bold, Dorinda Medley was Broadway all the way, Bethenny Frankel got Rockwell, and Luann was Statement Necklace Bold.

On Below Deck, Kate and Chef Ben may be not be hooking up anymore, but there’s still stress between them when it comes to meals aboard the yacht. And even now that Kate is single, after the physical altercation with her ex-girlfriend, she still wouldn’t give Ben another chance. And she’s not declaring a sexual major either. When it comes to romance, she’s drawn to the person, not the gender.

Luann plans to get married on New Year’s Eve to Two-Timing Tom. She’s invited two-hundred and fifty guests and will sing to Tom during the ceremony, but won’t comment on whether she plans on serenading him with an original tune. Andy was curious if Luann’s old housekeeper, Rosie, got a Save the Date. Please, dahling. One doesn’t mingle with the help. Luann actually laughed at the very idea. “No, I haven’t seen Rosie in a while. I’m going to have a lot of people, but Rosie’s not coming.”

However, her ex-beau, Jacques, may attend. The Count has been invited, as well. He and Tom even met.

“We actually went to a wedding in Switzerland this summer, and he met Alex. And it was great. They really like each other, and Alex really likes him.”

Luann will wear three wedding dresses. Who’s the designer?

“I actually just decided with Randi Rahm, because I love Randi. She’s a friend of mine. So, Randi Rahm is doing all of my dresses for the wedding.”

She and Tom will be boarding a yacht for the honeymoon. No surprise there. And she’s not registering for gifts.

Next, Andy spit out a comment, and Kate had to name a crewmate which fit it best. Who would Kate never want to work with again? Leon, natch. Ben not only has hooked up with the most crew members, he has the highest freak number. Kate would donate a kidney to Amy. The worst at their job, hands down, was Rocky, while Kate named herself the best.

A caller wanted to know if Bethenny were sitting next to the Countess, what would Luann say?

“I would say why are you so focused on me, and why would you try to slut shame someone? It’s so horrible, and I think we’ve known each other for a long time. It makes me sad that she’s so angry with me for no apparent reason, except that I’m getting married too quick for her taste. I don’t understand why she’s been so angry from the very beginning. I just wish I hope we can have a friendship again, at some point.”

Andy asked if that was likely, given all that went down this season.

“She said a lot of horrible things to me, and you know, I’m happy. I wake up happy every day. I hope the same happiness for her. I’m getting married. She’s in a relationship. You know, move on. I mean it’s, for me, the rearview mirror is smaller than the windshield for a reason. I don’t look in the past. I look forward to the future.”

When Andy asked if Kate had ever been to the Manhattan Yacht Club, Luann chimed in.

Tom has a boat in New York…which is fantastic to be around the water in New York City.”

We caught a sneak peek of next week’s Below Deck episode, Trevor continues to annoy his crewmates. He gets drunk and calls his co-workers names. Ben tries to talk to him, but Trevor is too drunk to listen.

A caller asked Kate to address her legal issues with her ex-girlfriend.

“Yeah, I was expecting all these questions. As much as I would love to speak about this, and I’ve wanted to for a while, I’ve been advised not to because it’s still pending. But I’ll just say that I have dangerously bad taste in romantic partners. But luckily, I have impeccable taste in attorneys.”

The rumors keep swirling around Luann. The latest is that she ducked into the bathroom with Tom and performed a “lewd sex act” on him for forty-five minutes while moaning in French. But supposedly, the shady source came from Bethenny — at least according to the Countess.

“I was horrified. You know what? I was shopping for wedding dresses, and I got the text message from my publicist saying Page Six wanted to know where I was on Friday night, and told me the story about the Regency, and I was like, wait a second. Is there a spy in the Regency again? And then I go, ‘Oh, my God. I was in Philadelphia at a funeral with Tom the night that supposedly I was in the bathroom with Tom. So, it’s just people making stuff up…”

Andy asked Luann to name the person who might be spreading the rumors (like she did to Page Six).

“It says a source — says one of the Housewives — so…you know it’s at the Regency again, and now I’m thinking there’s people trying to spy, but at the same time, it’s not even true.”

Andy wondered who might have sent Bethenny the picture of Tom kissing another woman.

“I don’t know, and why hasn’t Bethenny told me who it is, right?”

A viewer was curious if Luann had any regrets about creating drama when Carole started dating Adam.

“I regret the disruption it made in our friendship, absolutely. But at the time I was upset, because it was a family thing. But of course we’ve totally moved on from that.”

The poll question asked whose team the viewers are on — Bethenny or Luann. Bethenny got a whopping 73%. Luann didn’t bat an eye at the results.

“I’m not surprised. I feel like people don’t understand what it’s like to walk in your shoes. I’m getting married and I’m very happy.”

Do you think Bethenny is behind the Regency rumor? If not, who might be? And will Ramona have more dirt on Tom in part three of the reunion?


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