Bethenny Frankel Is Spreading Filthy Sex Lies About Luann de Lesseps! #RHONY

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All About the Tea_Luann Blasts Bethenny For Hiding Her Married Boyfriend From RHONY Cameras

The infighting between two of the ladies of The Real Housewives of New York City has hit a new low.

Page 6 is reporting they were contacted by an “anonymous tipster” with a story that after some research, they found to be untrue about Luann de Lesseps. Insiders are saying the “anonymous tipster” most likely was from Bethenny Frankel’s camp.

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These “filthy lies” were about Luann and her fiancé Thomas D’Agostino. Reportedly, while at the NYC Regency Hotel – Thomas’ favorite place to get into trouble – Luann and Thomas slipped into a bathroom stall together for a little sloppy romantic time. The “source” said that LuAnn “performed and unspeakable act on him for 45 minutes” while moaning and French whispers could be heard.

Bethenny and Luann have been fighting non-stop this season with back and forth slut-shaming. Bethenny has long accused Luann of sleeping with married men and Luann has fired back that Bethenny was dating her new boyfriend, Dennis Shields, prior to his separation from his wife. Remember the phone call Bethenny placed to Shields’ daughter during the RHONY reunion show? Awkward!

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Luann told Page 6 that during the time of this bathroom stall rendezvous, she was in Philadelphia for a funeral.

“Obviously a desperate attempt by the Housewives camp to ruin my reputation and my upcoming marriage. Not going to happen! It’s really sad how desperate these women can be. I think the show should be renamed ‘The Desperate Housewives.’”

No word if D’Agostino was with LuAnn in Philly.


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