‘Little Women LA’ Star Matt Grundhoffer Fired From Government Job For ‘Lying’ About Criminal Past!

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Matt Little Women LA

Little Women:LA‘s Briana Renee’s husband, Matt Grundhoffer, is involved in yet another scandal!

Matt‘s extensive shady past keeps haunting the father of two, as new stories are exposed — this time the drama centers around his former employer.

According to official documents, Grundhoffer, was scolded for telling blatant lies on the job. Matt did not disclose his criminal history and lied to superiors while working for the state of Washington’s Department of Social and Health Services in March 2013.

The 39-year-old was arrested in April 2012 for driving under the influence of alcohol and neglected to inform his Regional Administrator, Dr. Tara Fairfield, according to Radar Online. The arrest was uncovered following a background check, conducted eight months later.

“You failed to report this, which is a violation,”Fairfield stated in an official letter.

Following Matt‘s DUI incident, three months later, he was arrested again for domestic violence. He was accused of strangling his then-girlfriend in front of her young son.

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Though he did report the incident, the one-time state Customer Service Specialist wasn’t fully honest about the details of the crime.

“You were not forthcoming with all the facts and information you knew,” Fairfield continued.

The reality star lied again when he told his supervisors that he was found not guilty of the assault charge — when in fact, he took a plea deal to undergo counseling and perform community service. 

“Lying to your Appointing Authority is not acceptable and will not be tolerated,” Fairfield said.

As a result of Matt’s bevy of lies, he was released of his duties as a Customer Service Specialist for the state of Washington.

“It has been determined that you, Matt Grundhoffer, are no longer eligible for a department covered position within DSHS, Home and Community Services,” Fairfield wrote.

In addition, in 2005, Matt was arrested for malicious mischief. Court records show the case was ultimately dismissed with prejudice after a $100 fine was paid and a 6-month probationary period was completed without further incident by Grundhoffer.

Many viewers hoped that Briana would kick Matt to the curb, but after their two-episode Ride or Die update, Briana eventually took her baby daddy back and welcomed their son Maverick in June.


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