‘Little Women: LA’ Star Briana Renee’s Cheating Hubby Matt Caught With Transgender Model

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Briana Renee's Cheating Hubby Matt

Beginning next week, Little Women: LA will return, and the drama between the Ride or Die couple, Briana Renee and her low-life husband, Matt Grundhoffer’s, marriage will once again be in crisis due to his cheating ways. Matt’s proven he won’t let a thing like fatherhood slow him down.

Joining Season 5 Little Women: LA for one episode is a trans model named Plastic Martyr. (Some names tell you everything you need to know.) Plastic’s purpose on the reality show will be to disgrace Matt. Along with Christy McGinity Gibil, the two went to a nail salon and spilled the tea and the onlookers heard plenty.

“Plastic Martyr told Christy that Matt sent her naked photos and sick messages over Instagram,” the salon eyewitness told Radar Online. Plastic claims she rejected Matt’s advances.

“She said she’s worried about Briana and doesn’t think Matt should be allowed around their children.”

Another source claims that Briana and Plastic Martyr used to be good friends, making Matt’s betrayal even more humiliating.

“All the girls know that Matt sent these shocking messages to her,” the insider claimed.

Little Women: LA premiers on Lifetime, Wednesday, July 13.


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