Who Wore It Best Hairstyle Showdown! Luann or Bethenny Vs. Tom D’Agostino or Dennis Shields

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The Real Housewives of New York is in the homestretch of a season where dueling romances — one flaunted, one hidden — have fueled a power struggle between Bethenny Frankel and Luann de Lesseps.

Bethenny is allegedly irked that Luann scored the ring first, but let’s not forget that a snappy quip about a hairstyle sparked the backbiting drama. Luann baited Bethenny with a pointed jab about her Countess knock-off hairdo — and she chomped the bait.

We decided we would take it to our posters, and let you answer the big question — and while we’re at it, let’s check out the guys too!

Who wears the brunette bob best — Luann or Bethenny?

Bethenny-Frankel-LuAnn-De-Lesseps-Fight-Berkshires-RHONY hair comparsion

It’s a battle of the baldies next, as Tom D’Agostino faces Dennis Shields. Both men are 49-years-old. Tom is a successful businessman — Dennis is a successful banker. Tom is a career bachelor — Dennis is separated, but still married and has been married since 1990. Tom likes the spotlight, but Dennis is camera-shy, hiding behind his lover’s skittish half-truths. 

Who rocks a naked scalp best — Tom or Dennis?

Who Wears It Best Luann or Bethenny Vs Tom DAgostino or Dennis Shields

It’s a couple selfie showdown — which pair of lovebirds comes out on top?


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