Bethenny Frankel Hiding Married Boyfriend Dennis Shields From ‘RHONY’ Cameras!

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Bethenny Frankel is calling the shots — and her Real Housewives of New York co-stars are calling foul. Bethenny has found love again — but doesn’t want viewers let in on the romance — so much for reality TV!

In the current newsstand issue of Life and Style, an insider dishes that the ladies and viewers alike have complained about a boring season, and have noticed that Bethenny has offered nothing to pick up the dramatic pace.

“Everyone feels like this season has been boring so far, and viewers have sounded off about it,” said the source.

Bethenny rakes in $1 million per season — so why isn’t her frenetic reality an open book? Bethenny was outed during the season for dating millionaire banker, Dennis Shields, the now separated husband of one of Frankel’s old friends. She has commented on social media that the relationship is above board, so why the secrecy?

Bethenny’s return hasn’t helped the show pick up any steam,” said the insider, noting that the newly single Frankel “refused to film with Dennis, saying that she wanted to keep her personal life separate from the show.”

Reportedly, Bethenny’s co-stars are annoyed by her diva standards, citing the obvious — RHONY is structured to chronicle the quasi-real day-to-day lives of the urban women. The snitch claims that two of Bethenny’s head cheerleaders, Dorinda Medley and Ramona Singer “were annoyed” by Bethenny’s new hush-hush demands. 

“It’s a reality show. What does Bethenny think she’s doing?” the insider asks.

In short — whatever the “B” in charge wants — she gets. Shields could be the one putting the brakes on exposing the tawdry romance on reality TV. Who do you think is making the call behind the scenes?


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