‘She’s Dating A Married Man!’ Luann Blasts Bethenny For Hiding Her Married Boyfriend From ‘RHONY’ Cameras

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Luann Blasts Bethenny For Hiding Her Married Boyfriend From RHONY

Luann de Lesseps lent her voice to Sirius XM’s Wake Up With Taylor on Wednesday, and shared her thoughts about the soon to be wrapped eighth season of The Real Housewives of New York. During a weekly morning segment with Dr. Jennifer Wider, Luann shared her juicy theory on why Bethenny Frankel behaved so belligerently toward her the entire season.

Dr. Wider began the segment by sharing a story about appearing on Bethenny’s now defunct TV talk show ‘Bethenny’, labeling Bethenny “Meany Pants Frankel.” Dr. Wider was a guest on the show to promote a health book for teens, and Frankel’s staff asked her to autograph a copy — presumably for her daughter.

“I asked one of her assistants how to spell “Bryn,” Dr. Wider said. “She looks at me and said ‘DON’T WRITE BRYN!!!’ — like that…seriously! ‘DON’T MENTION HER DAUGHTER!’ …..it was so bizarre.”

That spot of tea got the ball rolling — and Bethenny’s hypocritical stance on dating was blasted next.

“She calls me out on dating married men — meanwhile I am with a very unmarried bachelor, whom I’ve been dating since we started filming. She’s actually the one who has been dating a married man the whole time,” dished Luann.

“How weird right? They’re both separated, and they’re dating, and they’re getting engaged….ok…whatever,” Luann added, referencing Bethenny’s current beau, Dennis Shields. 

Taylor pointed out that Luann got bashed for seeing a guy whom her friends had dated, but Bethenny expects no flack for dating the husband of an old friend.

“He’s separated from her friend from high school! Cause you got a lot of sh*t for hooking up with a guy or dating a guy who your friends…girl code, girl code…had dated, but isn’t that way worse?” Taylor noted. “Cause they just dated Tom, they weren’t married and separated from Tom!!”

Luann dropped the bomb — and dished on why she believes she became a target for Bethenny’s wrath. 

“You know why I think she was so riled up against me all season? Because she was RILED up against me this season, for no apparent reason. I beat her to the punchline. I’m sorry — I got engaged…and mine was real,” Luann jabs. “I’m not premeditated, I am not thinking I’ll get engaged first…because I had no idea that Bethenny was even having this person in her life. She kept him a secret.”

Luann continued — and slayed Bethenny’s know-it-all, zero fu*ks act.

“For somebody who is “Miss Honest,” “Miss I Put My Whole Life Out There,” everybody knows everything — I know everything — I tell everybody the absolute….” Luann rolled. “She has been hiding these men for the past seasons as she has come back to our show…has not even spoken about these people to us on the show. So she is not showing her real life on the show. So I had no idea. She is a hypocrite.”

Luann blasted Bethenny for dodging the Bravo game, and concealing her true reality.

“She hides her reality — I had no idea she was dating this person — Dennis. I had no idea. Then I get engaged, and didn’t know anything,” Luann explained. “Then I realized oh my God….this was the problem. I beat her to the engagement.”

Bethenny has been strangely bothered by Luann’s very presence all season — once even commenting that she was “sick” of how Luann lives. Did Luann crack the case wide open — and expose Bethenny as a jealous phony, and a reality cheater? 


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