Kelly Dodd EXPOSES Shannon Beador’s Connection To Jaci & Spills Hot Tea!

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Kelly Dodd appeared on Tuesday’s edition of Juicy Scoop, dishing reality dirt with podcast host, Heather McDonald, and sharing details about The Real Housewives of Orange County ride. 

Heather asked Kelly how she happened to land on Bravo, and the rookie revealed that she was once set to appear a few seasons ago, in the slot eventually filled by Lydia McLaughlin. Kelly explained that she was approached to do the show, when she was with her her ex-fiancee. The contracts were signed, but because of the ongoing divorce from her husband Michael, the job fell through, due to his refusal to allow their daughter to film. 

Kelly explained that casting called her a couple of years later, still interested, after she reconciled with her husband. Dodd spoke to her since-casted friend, Meghan Edmonds, about the opportunity. 

Meghan said ‘do it,’ it’s so fun. It’s a great experience,'” Kelly said, noting that her husband wasn’t thrilled, but wanted her to be happy. 

Heather and Kelly then dug into the 70’s party gone wrong, and how Jaci and Nasty Nina factored into the drama. Kelly began by giving us background on Jaci. 

“When I got the contract for the show, I wasn’t supposed to say anything to anybody. Not one person. I had to sign things that said if I tell anybody, they’ll sue me — don’t tell anybody that you’re on the show,” Kelly said. “I get this text that said ‘this is Jaci — go get those stupid bitches.’” 

Kelly busted Shannon for spilling the beans, and telling Jaci about her new gig. 

“I said how did you hear I was on the show? She said ‘Shannon,’” Kelly revealed. 

Kelly explained that it was this convo that proved that Shannon knew that Jaci and Kelly knew each other — a fact that she denied during the party. 

Kelly started off the reality gig with a bang — annoying Shannon right away, when she called Shannon’s beloved USC, “the University of Spoiled Children.” Fast forward to the 70’s party — a shindig amusingly described by McDonald as “a very decorated costume party, with approximately 12-13 people.” Kelly dished on how she managed through the alcohol haze.  

“I can totally handle my booze. I have a high tolerance,” said Kelly, spilling that they were only at the party for very brief period, before they “got kicked the fu*k out.” 

Kelly reiterated that she had no idea who Nina Potter was — but admitted that that they may have crossed paths, at a party that both she and Jaci attended, years earlier. Kelly and Heather agreed that Jaci and Nina were auditioning for Bravo, during their moment in the spotlight. 

Heather asked Kelly what her thoughts were, during the cryptic attack. Kelly shared her frustration with Shannon’s shady move. 

“Like listen [Shannon] — you’re sitting there, and you have this forum open wide, to talk about my life. I’m an open book — so if you want to know anything about me — I’ll gladly tell you,” remarked Kelly. “It just gave her a forum to gossip about me. It just wasn’t right, it wasn’t kind, it wasn’t nice.” 

Kelly said that she felt confused, ambushed, and upset by someone she believed to be her friend. Kelly admitted that at this juncture of the show, she looks like a “freaking lunatic,” but promised that the climate improves. 

Heather wrapped the party-dish asking if there was any juicy scoop that cameras didn’t catch. 

“The women ran after me. Nina and Jaci come after me like crazy — screaming,” Kelly spilled. 

Kelly called Shannon’s babbled story about an alleged affair a “complete lie,” noting that Shannon’s convoluted tale weakly pointed to Dodd’s fiancee. She also confirmed that Shannon is in cahoots with Dana Caldwell — the ex-wife of Dodd’s former fiancee. Kelly explained the trio’s initial connection — that David and Shannon’s daughter slid into the spot vacated by Caldwell’s son, at Harbor Day, a local private school. David and Shannon were recently caught during a live Facebook chat, receiving a message from Caldwell. 

Kelly admitted that it was wrong to snark about David’s affair — but spilled that a Beador family member echoes the sentiment, later in the season.  

Love her or hate her — Kelly is indeed an open book. Maybe that’s why the popular rookie drives Shannon crazy! 


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