Shannon Beador Caught Collecting Dirt On Kelly Dodd From Her ‘Jealous’ Troublemaker! [Exclusive Video]

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Kelly Dodd and Shannon RHOC

Real Housewives of Orange County couple, David and Shannon Beador, are getting messy.

In a since deleted Facebook video, the couple is captured scrolling through fan messages, and David gets caught repeating, “Thank you setting Kelly straight about her sorority,” from someone named “Dana,” who claims to have info on “Kelly.” The couple grins while saying “oops,” but moments later Shannon blasts David for blurting out the snippet. Watch the video evidence below.

Dana Caldwell, the estranged wife of an ex-fiancee of Kelly Dodd, is supposedly the “Dana” messaging the Beadors. Caldwell alleged that Kelly was harassing her via texts and emails, in a past request for a protection order. Caldwell claimed that Kelly concealed her identity, and also alleged that she sent harassing messages to her 12-year-old son. Dodd denied the allegations, and the case was dismissed, in February of 2014.

The video reveals that Caldwell has been communicating with the Beadors, allegedly feeding them dirt on Shannon’s rookie co-star. The duo obviously either wanted their fans to know — or the Tito’s was flowing, and viewer perceptiveness was underestimated.

Kelly caught wind of the Beador video, and went off on Twitter.

Kelly implied that lines had been drawn, and that she is standing by Vicki.

Kelly blasted Shannon, for digging up a vengeful ghost from her past, and irrelevant drama that began four years ago.    

Kelly nodded to a future confrontation in an upcoming episode — a 70’s party being the event that might expose the Beadors’ game.

Shannon has been busy behind the scenes — but Kelly isn’t shy about standing up against the sabotage. Three episodes in, and things are heating up — stay tuned!


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