Carole Radziwill Cosigns Bethenny Frankel’s Mean Girl Attack on Jules Wainstein #RHONY

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When Bethenny Frankel speaks — Carole Radziwill isn’t far behind.

The Real Housewives of New York Skinny-boss recently butted in, to offer commentary on Jules Wainstein’s remarks on Watch What Happens Live — and laced her comment with a nasty jab. Jules dared to label Carole “irrelevant,” and Bethenny stepped in and slammed her, insulting her intelligenceBethenny fired the cheap shot, and Carole obediently snickered in response — proving that the mean girl club is alive and well on Twitter.   

Fans appear to agree with Jules’ assessment of Carole’s reality-cred — and lashed out at Bethenny for hitting a hot button that had been addressed on the show. 

Carole got her own dose of backlash from disgusted fans, tired of the nasty antics.

Carole — not surprisingly — defended her right to co-sign her favorite bully. Viewers dished it right back.

Carole explains that Jules is not a friend — revealing how she evidently  treats strangers.  

Who would want to be friends with the “irrelevant?” Bethenny and Carole might be joined-at-the-hip mean girls — but Jules Wainstein is the true reality badass. 


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