‘RHONY’ Cast Villain Bethenny Frankel Attacks Jules Wainstein On Twitter

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All About the Tea_Bethenny Frankel Attacks Jules Wainstein On Twitter

Bethenny Frankel is slamming Real Housewives of New York co-star, Jules Wainstein’s right to an opinion, along with a sensitive claim about her own shattered family.

Frankel tends to lash back when the skinny bitch of Bravo is shaded, and this past week was no exception. Bethenny has made no secret of the fact that Jules makes her uncomfortable, so when Jules stepped out of line on Watch What Happens Live, Bethenny took her to task, on Twitter.

Jules stated that Carole Radziwill is “irrelevant,” an opinion shared by countless viewers. Carole has served as little more than a Frankel flunky all season — so it’s no surprise that Bethenny swooped in to her sidekick’s rescue. Bethenny twisted the knife with another insult to Jules’ intelligence, a degrading habit that Jules addressed on the show.

Fans overwhelmingly agreed with Jules — and blasted Bethenny for the nasty dig. 





Frankel has also meddled in Jules’ broken marriage, publicly claiming that Jules knew that her marriage was over when she began filming. Jules nodded to Bethenny’s sources as suspect — so Bethenny launched into her know-it-all shtick.

It’s interesting to note that Bethenny’s claim to insider knowledge involves a couple’s broken relationship — while at the same time, Frankel was hiding that she was dating the still-married husband of an old friend. Fans blasted her for her hypocritical intrusion into another’s marriage.

What Bethenny says goes — and it’s ironic that the meekest cast member has proved the most powerful, when it comes to calling out the cast bully. The move probably got her axed — but KUDOS to Jules Wainstein.

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