“He Was Crying On Your Vagina!” Bethenny Frankel Rips Into Luann’s Whorish Past & Shady Present

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Bethenny Frankel and Luann de Lesseps are at a crossroads on Real Housewives of New York — with Frankel holding info that threatens to sink Luann’s engagement to Tom D’Agostino. We know that the couple has weathered the scandal, but that doesn’t mean that Frankel is keeping quiet.  

About a week ago, Bethenny dished with sidekick, Carole Radziwill, on her radio show, B Real With Bethenny, responding to callers, and frenetically jabbering her current thoughts on the Countess and her engagement. 

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A caller asked the duo if they believe that Luann even watches the show. Bethenny snarked that Luann reclaims a reality virginity every season — in an attempt to wash away her dirty deeds from the year before. 

“We don’t remember banging pirates, banging pool boys, cuddling up to and giving therapy to married men in Turks and Caicos,” Bethenny said. “She says he was crying on her shoulder and I’m like ‘you mean he was crying on your vagina?’” 

Carole added “But she thinks none of us remember it either.”

Bethenny gave props to Luann, aka “the countess of cock” for extending the season — referring to the scandalous texts which promise to reveal her fiancee making out with another woman. Carole alluded to drugs being the reason for Luann’s forgetfulness — and Bethenny admitted that it’s possible. 

“Maybe we should start taking drugs like everyone else. There are a lot of rumors about the narcotics on our show and it is crazy, crazier than any other city, let’s put it that way. We should be living in Aspen with all the snow blowing around here,” hinted Bethenny.

A viewer asked Bethenny if she believed that Luann and Tom will have an open marriage.  

“I think they’re very similar creatures. They are really together, I think they are going to get married. I do genuinely want her to be happy. I don’t know him but I hope that he makes her happy,” Bethenny answers, noting that she believes it’s possible that Luann and Tom “run a similar game.” 

Bethenny believes that Luann “re-marketed” her marriage to her ex-husband Alex, to cover for infidelities within the relationship. 

“I do believe for many people that non-traditional relationships can work.  I’ve known Luann a long time and while she was married and I have said that I think later she has re-marketed her marriage to have been an open relationship versus when people have just not been faithful, people will say “oh we had an open relationship or an agreement.,’” Bethenny said. “As much as I judge, it’s based on things she’s said about Carole and other people. I do care about the hypocrisy or the lying. I don’t really care how Luann lives her life. I do like her better when she’s owning it.”

Who remembers Bethenny screaming that she was “sick of how Luann lives,” during the smackdown in the Berkshires? 

Bethenny sarcastically recited an excerpt under the heading “12 Things Elegant People are Never Seen Doing” from Luann’s book — interrupting with charming phrases like “fu*king a pirate,” “getting finger-fu*ked on the dance floor,” “giving blow jobs in the bathroom,” “speaking like a drag queen,” and “lying about coming up with other people’s brands.” Bethenny admitted that Luann never loses her temper, “or her strap-on.” Bethenny dissolved into hysterical laughter—cracking herself up. 

It sure is a dirty world in Reality Tv-Land. Hypocrisy, lying, infidelity, drugs, seedy bathroom sex…the list goes on. Somehow Bethenny manages to combine giving “zero fu*ks” with pointing her bony finger everywhere — except into a mirror. 


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