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‘Toxic & Disgusting!’ Bethenny Frankel Dishes On The Explosive ‘RHONY’ Reunion — Listen HERE! [Spoilers]

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The audio world of Bethenny Frankel is a jarring place — and on last week’s B Real with Bethenny radio show, Bethenny frenetically dished the dirt on the upcoming Real Housewives of New York reunion. Bethenny was joined in the Hamptons-based broadcast by her sidekick, Carole Radziwill.

After a mildly nauseating segment exploring Carole’s sex life with her herb-throwing boyfriend, Adam Kenworthy, Bethenny announces that a caller by the name of Sonja is on hold, armed with a sex question. Not THE Sonja — because Sonja Morgan is away, traipsing around the world. In a nasty jab, Frankel describes Sonja’s whereabouts as “one of those places that people in bankruptcy go often.”

Bethenny launches into reunion tea, likening her Emmy-winning tirade to one deserving Bravo handcuffs.

“We just had our reunion and I think I might be joining Bernie Madoff in a jail cell. I think they might come take me away in an orange jumpsuit. I definitely did not hold back on the reunion,” Bethenny promises.

Carole backs the self-addicted reality gangster, commenting that Bethenny’s venom was off the charts, during the season finale series. 

“On a scale of 1 to 10, how gangster did I get?” Bethenny asks.

Carole obediently responds, “You were a 12. I’ve never seen you so-you were OG OMG.”

Bethenny reveals that she even stood up a few times, a must-happen for any authentic Bravo thug. She hints at a whorish exchange with Luann de Lesseps.

“That whore comment that I retracted, I may have had it engraved on Luann’s ass. We didn’t go in the right direction, let’s just put it that way,” Frankel boasts. “You’re not a whore — just kidding — you are.”

Bethenny and Carole snark about their chances at being chosen to be in Luann’s wedding — with Adam offered up as a grimy ring-bearer. Bethenny bets Carole that they will be invited, and Carole agrees — but only if Bravo cameras are rolling.

Bethenny asks Carole her thoughts about the reunion, and Carole weighs in on her fourth Bravo sofa go-round.

“I just felt like – this is my fourth reunion and this one more than even last year when Luann was saying such bullshit about me – I left this reunion feeling gross,” says Carole, adding that she ran for a hot shower, to scrub  away the memories.  

“It took me a week,” chimes in Bethenny. “I felt disgusting, I felt drained. I had strep throat, I had an 102 fever.”

Frankel breaks down the spectacle, by cast member.

Sonja was Sonja with a side of sanity. Ramona was just Ramona, she’s fine. Dorinda did well and got away with a little bit of murder, in my opinion. Luann held her cool and just sat there and let it wash over her because that’s really worked well for her. And I was… something happened at the reunion that set me off to the point that I saw red and did not come out of the flames for the whole entire day. I was on fire.”

In other words…everyone was flat, but HER. Bethenny spouts the info like this side of her is shocking — but didn’t we witness this same crazy “fire” all season? It’s hard to hype rinse-and-repeat.

“It’s hard to sit there and just let some of the other cast say just a load of bullshit,” Carole adds.

The duo gasps over the lies told over the course of Season 8 — with Bethenny commenting, “People just make up anything.” Carole agrees, and blasts Luann for inventing tales every season. Bethenny hints that Luann took it over the top, this year.

“This was bad. I’ve never had anyone accuse me of anything like that. It was bad. We can’t get into what it was, but it was bad,” Bethenny reveals.

Bethenny defends her friendship with Carole, revealing that viewers aren’t  the only ones raising eyebrows at the whinnying devotion. The pair describes   their oh-so-rare friendship, while vowing to prick their palms to a Season 9.  Bethenny wraps up the reunion banter.

“So the reunion is going to be a little bit of an insane ride,” Bethenny shares. “I definitely took some hits this season. People were messing with my business and I was definitely a pit-bull. I thought I’d be calm at the reunion, but I was more of a pit-bull or rottweiler.”

Later in the show, a caller asks Bethenny to spill the tea on who was self-medicating to get through the reunion firestorm.

“I don’t recall that anybody really drank. Ramona may have had some wine at lunch, but she doesn’t over-drink or anything. If anyone was on meds to keep calm..I don’t know,” Bethenny responds. “Sonja in the past has taken meds, right or wrong ones I’m not sure. I honestly don’t know what was going on that day. It was a day of best behavior.”

Bethenny does snark — never to be outdone — that she was probably downing the most meds, due to her strep throat. However, she doesn’t blame the meds for her textbook banshee behavior.

“I can’t blame the editing and I can’t blame the strep, this is who I am,” Bethenny says.

Click play to listen to Bethenny and Carole dish on the “toxic” and “disgusting” reunion below.

We know, Bethenny, we know. The reunion is set to kick off in a few weeks. Tell us what you think and vote in our poll below. 


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