‘RHONY’ Fans Rejoice At Jules Wainstein’s Take Down Of Bullies Bethenny & Carole!

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Jules Wainstein has officially left her mark on her rookie season of the Real Housewives of New York.

Jules went where only the brave dare go — taking on the “B” that has bullied and directed a Season 8 cast into submission. Viewers witnessed Jules unleashing on Bethenny Frankel, and  side-nag, Carole Radziwill, after the icy duo reacted selfishly towards her battle and recovery with bulimia. Jules wrote a beauty of a Bravo blog — describing a spotlighted world where Bethenny must be revered, worshiped, and circled by attention. Jules’ “Planet Bethenny” blog blew Bethenny’s “zero fu*ks” shtick off her own mirrored landscape.

“Not so on planet Bethenny, where all things always revolve around and are drawn back to one person. Heaven forbid anyone attempts to pull the attention away from Bethenny.”

Viewers have been outspoken about Bethenny — disgusted by her narcissistic and mouthy interaction with the cast, and blatantly hypocritical off-camera reality. Hoards of fans are cheering the rookie for penning the thoughts of so many — and maybe even briefly shutting Frankel’s frenetic mouth in the process.



Jules has been accused of using a ghost writer — by those who seek to deflect from the power of the spot-on piece. No matter where Jules Wainstein may roam — we will always have “Planet Bethenny,” a blog  destined to stand as one of the greats.


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