Jules Wainstein Unleashes On Bethenny & Carole For ‘Judging & Shaming’ Her Eating Disorder Admission #RHONY

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Jules Wainstein picked a hell of a time to become a castmate on the Real Housewives of New York. Not only is she dealing with marital problems, but she’s still struggling with her eating disorder. Seeing her pain as she conftonted Bethenny Frankel and Carole Radziwill was awful. Sometimes Jules struggles to explain herself, but this week, her viewpoint came through loud and clear. In the past, Jules had poured her heart out to the ladies, and instead of receiving her words with sympathy and grace, Bethenny and Carole made her feel like shit. As the countess would say, “Not cool.”

“Since coming into this group, I’ve often asked myself, “Why is there always yelling and screaming? Why is someone always storming out of the room in tears? Why is someone always being mocked, insulted, judged or left out? WHAT PLANET ARE WE ON?!” And then it hit me like a meteor: We are on planet Bethenny.”

She’s not wrong. This show has turned into the Skinnygirl product placement hour. The other women have sucked up to Bethenny just to get air time. Luann de Lesseps finally had enough, and finally, so has Jules.

“Unfamiliar with the customs and rituals on planet Bethenny, I lost my temper “out of nowhere” during a recent visit. Back on planet Earth, my outburst might have been precipitated by months of dismissive, snide, insensitive comments and scrutiny of everything from a flick of my hair to the the food on my plate and the homes in which I live…and months of watching women around me get verbally assaulted.”

Carole Radziwill questioned Jules about her illness, and instead of softning, called her “crazy”. And then we have Bethenny.

“Dinner at Joanne’s was so painful for me; the complete lack of empathy from Bethenny and Carole really struck a nerve… Bethenny once again makes the entire issue about herself and her own childhood… Heaven forbid anyone attempts to pull the attention away from Bethenny.”

Jules admitted that she had a setback. I’m sure her troubles with Michael are only adding to her stress.

“Recovery from any illness is hard, and it’s rarely a linear path. I thought I was ok. I wasn’t ok and I admitted it, was dealing with it and moving forward again — that’s what people do. What people don’t do is sit around judging and shaming a person in recovery and projecting their own issues onto them. After admitting my recent setbacks, the all-knowing and morally-superior Carole responds with a sneer of disgust (“Oh Jesus!”) and accuses me of being in denial.”

I’m going to stop and interject that I think Jules has had a certain level of denial and defensiveness. But I don’t blame her. She opened her heart up to these women, and if they’d come at her from a kinder place, I think Jules would have had a different reaction.

On the party bus, I was reminded of high school, where the mean girls gathered and talked about you — even though you only sat a few feet away. And when Bethenny and Sonja Morgan had their heart-to-heart, I sort of felt there was an ulterior motive. I thought maybe I was reaching, but Jules sees it that way, too.

“Nothing actually changed between the time that Bethenny unleashed her fury on Sonja and the Mohegan Sun bus ride…Bethenny went from, “I don’t accept your apology and I never want to see your face again” to “I really miss you” in an instant. Could it be to make sure I was as uncomfortable and alienated on that bus and trip as possible?”

I think that’s it exactly. Though Bethenny claims the ratings are higher than ever, I have a feeling that if Bravo lets Bethenny continue to control the show and everyone has to kowtow to her, fans are going to tune out for good. I miss the days when all the ladies were equal. Now, some are more equal than others. What’s your take?


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