Teresa Giudice Says She Does Not Care What Haters Think: “I Just Care About Me!” #RHONJ

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Teresa Giudice Brandy Howard and Julie Goldman from The People’s Couch RHONJ

It was a Bravo mashup when Brandy Howard and Julie Goldman from The People’s Couch, invaded Melissa Gorga’s house, parked on her sofa. They sipped their wine and refused to touch the sprinkle cookies laid out on the coffee table as they watched the premiere episode of this season’s the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Later, Melissa and Teresa Giudice joined them for an interview.

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Julie was fascinated about how great Teresa looked when she came home from prison. Her hair was on point. Teresa said an inmate straightened it so she’d look good for the cameras.

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The Bravo convict opened up about haters who usually criticize her criminal escapades. Does Teresa have anything to prove [to the haters]?

“Do I have to prove anything [to the haters]? No, I don’t!” Teresa told The People’s Couch pals Brandy Howard and Julie Goldman during the RHONJ premiere live stream event. “I just care about me. And, really, my family, That’s all I care about is my family.”

It was a bit tough, watching these two fawn over Teresa, glossing over the fact that she is a criminal. They were more concerned about how she wore her hair in the big house (slicked back, just in case you were wondering), than if she’s sorry for her crimes.

So what did you think about the season opener? Are you looking forward to seeing the Giudice family play nice before Juicy begins his stint? 


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