Reality or Fakery! Was Teresa Giudice’s Fresh-Faced Welcome Home Entrance Staged? #RHONJ

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real-housewives-of-new-jersey-season-7 premiere

Teresa Giudice never looked better, when The Real Housewives of New Jersey premiered, last Sunday night.

Teresa’s grand entrance revealed a prison-fit bod, shiny Cher-hair, and understated makeup, highlighting a tight and glowing complexion. Teresa breathlessly greeted her family, basking in the bosom of her home, under the gaze of a curious audience.

In reality, Teresa’s entrance could have been the second, third, or maybe even the dozenth. Viewers are raising eyebrows all over social media, calling FOUL on Bravo selling that the televised homecoming was the real deal.

Professionally sculpted hair/extensions, sparkling teeth, and glowing skin could not have been pulled off in the clink — or in a dawn’s early light car ride. Common beauty sense tells us that Teresa deserves an Emmy — and that her glam squad should score a shout-out in her acceptance speech. Teresa thanked Oakland, NJ, plastic surgeon Dr. William Song, about three weeks after her release — did fans actually witness an endorsement, all over the freed felon’s face? 

Teresa’s appearance wasn’t the only glaring contradiction between script and reality. Day was barely breaking when Teresa’s car drove up the driveway — yet the garage was bathed in full daylight, when Teresa allegedly stepped foot onto mcmansion concrete. Joe barely looked up from his phone, and the kids were upstairs, during the priceless moment — but fans had just witnessed Joe and Gia pinpointing the milli-second that Teresa’s boots would hit home soil.

Joe Giudice_RHONJ

Then there is a photo of Joe Giudice waiting in his garage for his wife to arrive from prison (Thanks All About the Tea poster Snarky in Hoboken).

Joe waiting at the garage door fakery

Images taken days after her true homecoming reveal a haggard, prison-worn woman — a look that makes sense. Try not to think about the kiddos having to reenact their sprung mommy’s homecoming —  possibly more than once. Could such a scenario explain Gabriella’s blank expression? Below click through a gallery of images taken at various events/days of Teresa spanning over three months AFTER her prison release. 


Compare the above images to Teresa’s welcome-home entrance fresh-face out of prison look below.

Teresa Giudice_RHONJ

Teresa’s incarceration look at Danbury prison without botox, makeup and extensions.

Teresa Giudice prison look


When will Bravo understand that fans are onto their shady ways, and wonky editing tricks? The viewers know a makeover when they see one.


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