Barbara Evans Rips Jenelle For Not Raising Jace! “Get Rid of Your Asshole Boyfriend And Grow Up” #TeenMom2

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Barbara Evans_Teen Mom 2

Teen Mom 2 aired a special Monday night, entitled “Being Barbara.” Cameras followed fan favorite, Barbara Evans—allowing viewers to get to know the mom of famous post-teen mom, Jenelle Evans. Jenelle promoted the show, but was likely taken aback when she witnessed her mother blasting her throughout the seemingly lighthearted special. 

Fans watched Barbara reminisce about her six years on MTV, shop, enjoy a makeover, and dabble in the dating world. MTV rewound the clock, and reminded us of the trials of a grandmother turned instant mom, in the wake of a partying teen unwilling to grow up. We flash back to screaming fights between the mother/teen duo, which ultimately led to Jenelle signing over custody of her son, Jace. Fast forward several years, and six-year-old Jace remains legally with Barbara—who now wants to have fun in her golden years.

Some things never change—and that includes calling it like she sees it, when it comes to her MTV-starlet daughter. Barbara updates co-executive producer, Kristen, on the latest with Jenelle, including how her boyfriend, David Eason, plays into their issues.

“She has another new controlling boyfriend, who I think out of all of them, is really the worst of the worst,” Barbara added, “Do I not get along with Jenelle’s boyfriends? Don’t pick the bottom the crop, the bottom of the barrel. This guy doesn’t want me near Jenelle.”

Kristin points out the dysfunctional pattern going on between Jenelle and Barbara, and asks her if she thinks Jenelle is capable of caring for her son, full-time.

“I don’t know Kristin—I don’t think so. Just because you are good today, that’s not the point,” Barbara remarks. “It’s the overall picture of the pattern of her life. I have to do what’s best for Jace.”

The ongoing struggle for custody of Jace is only one area of contention between Barbara and the challenging young mom. Barbara visits a tarot card reader, who predicts upcoming chaos, with a positive outcome. Same news—different ending?

The show even highlights a classic “He’s MY son” bickering match between the duo, with Jenelle hurling rinse and repeat accusations at her mother. Barbara slams her point out of the park, after the argument.

“That’s her baby?” Barbara points out to Kristen. “Then she should have had the baby, and she should have taken care of her baby. The other girls on the show take care of their babies. Chelsea took care of her baby. Kail took care of her baby—and Kail had no family support. The girls on Teen Mom 1 took care of their babies. You had the baby at 17—what happened to the other 7 years? You’re going to wait for seven years, then all of a sudden take the baby?”

Barbara speaks TRUTH—and nails Jenelle to the proverbial wall.

“Grow up! Get yourself a house, get stable, man. Get rid of your fu**ing a**hole boyfriend, live by yourself, and grow up! Grow up!”

Barb later expresses her desire for a calm adult relationship with her daughter, not one with a “little spoiled brat.” 

“I think Jenelle has had too much fame at a young age,” Barbara notes. “When this all goes away, she will be in serious trouble.”

The show wraps with the pair agreeing to participate in a Boy Scouts activity with Jace—a calm adult conclusion, to a far from over story.


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