‘Little Women:LA’ Matt’s Trans Model Mistress Films Additional “Heated” Scenes With Cast

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‘Little Women-LA’ Matt’s Trans Model Mistress Films Additional %22Heated%22 Scenes With Cast

Once again, Little Women: LA star, Briana Rene, is being embarrassed by husband, Matt Grundhoffer’s, ongoing sexting scandal.

During Wednesday night’s premier, Christy revealed that Matt had met and contacted transgender model, Plastic Martyr, after her anniversary party. Sources are saying that Martyr has now filmed another scene with Little Women: LA and “things got very heated.”

Radar Online is reporting that Martyr and a “few foes” discuss Matt’s “outrageous behavior” on camera with cast member Christy McGinity Gibel. No one is saying what exactly went down, but following their filming, Martyr lashed out on Twitter writing, “It’s sad to see that bigotry still exists.”

As we reported, Christy and Martyr filmed an earlier scene at a nail salon. An onlooker claimed to have overheard Martyr telling Christy that Matt,

“sent her naked photos and sick messages over Instagram.”

During this time, Martyr had said she didn’t accept Matt’s sexual invites, but we’ll have to wait to see if things have changed, and what triggered this “heated” exchange. Things are made more painful for Briana who at one time was reportedly good friends with Martyr.

Even though Briana’s parents did not attend either of her weddings to Matt, and they have tried repeatedly to convince Briana to kick him to the curb, she and new son, Maverick, are standing by their man.


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