[VIDEO] Heather Dubrow Accuses Jeff Lewis of Attacking Her Character & Body Shaming #RHOC

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Heather Dubrow is lashing back, after Flipping Out’s Jeff Lewis slammed her for mistreating the waitstaff, at a March 25th birthday dinner thrown for her OC co-star, Shannon Beador.

Jeff also snarked that Heather was his least favorite Housewife, during the recent Watch What Happens Live appearance — presumably due to her fancy-pants attitude. The Real Housewives of Orange County star brushed off Jeff’s bottom-barrel assessment, but took issue with his characterization of her behavior that night. Lewis described Dubrow’s conduct towards the staff “obnoxious,” and “really bad.”

CLICK: ‘Flipping Out’ Jeff Lewis Calls Out Heather Dubrow For Being Obnoxious & Rude

Dubrow sat for an Access Hollywood interview earlier today, and shared her side of the story with Kit Hoover and guest co-host Dave Karger. Dubrow claims that during the same dinner, Lewis was “face shaming” and “body shaming” her — making snide cracks to her husband, plastic surgeon, Terry Dubrow.

“He leaned over to Terry and said ‘Your wife should just cop to all her plastic surgery, she’d be a lot better off.’” Dubrow alleges. “He was talking about my breasts, he was talking about my body, it was so disgusting.”

Shannon shared an Instagram photo snapped with Jeff, her shared birthday buddy, from that fateful night.


Heather then denies having plastic surgery, while describing the uphill climb she endures to defend her natural youthful glow.

“Being married to a plastic surgeon, I have to combat that all the time, because I haven’t had plastic surgery,” Heather claims. “Not against it, pays the mortgage, big fan—but haven’t gone there yet.”

No. Comment. Heather continues her account, describing the ordeal. 

“To be at a dinner party for my friend, and have this man sitting there, shaming me about the size of my breasts, and what I have or have not done to my face was so awful and disturbing to me — but I let it go.”

Heather goes on to explain that the pair shares mutual friends, and noted that she had met Jeff prior to the dinner party. She also shares that she regrets snapping on Twitter, but was triggered by Jeff’s public “attack” on her character, describing feeling “fed up.”

“He’s honestly so not worth my time,” Heather says. “I think I called him an a-hole.”

She did indeed. An a-hole maybe — but a liar? Heather never answers to  how she treated the waitstaff — who do you believe? 


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