‘Flipping Out’ Jeff Lewis Calls Out Heather Dubrow For Being Obnoxious & Rude

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Drop the mic! Last night on Watch What Happens Live, Jeff Lewis, star of Flipping Out called out Heather Dubrow as his least favorite housewife.

During the After Show, Andy Cohen gave Jeff the opportunity to expand on why he doesn’t like The Real Housewife of Orange County star. And in his typical, no-mince-words kind of way, Jeff explained his first-hand experience dealing with Ms. Fancy Pants Heather“I have not had a good start with her…personally,” Jeff said about Heather.

Over the July Fourth holiday, Real Housewives of Orange County stars, Shannon and David Beador and Tamra and Eddie Judge spent the day partying with Flipping Out stars Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward and Jenni Pulos at Shannon’s new home. At the celebration, Jeff didn’t care for Heather’s hoity-toity attitude with the waitstaff, “The one thing that gets me is when people are rude to the waitstaff.” Adding, “It was really obnoxious, like it was really bad.”



Andy and the other clubhouse guest, Busy Phillips, agreed they can’t stand this type of snobbery either. But the obnoxiousness didn’t end there.

Heather took to Twitter Wednesday night to let Jeff know, he is suffering from low self-esteem. She went on to call Jeff, an a**hole, “rude” and “lucky to have a lovely man,” that puts up with him. Read Heather‘s Twitter rant below. 

Heather Dubrow tweets

Of course, fans of #FlippingOut know the opposite is true, but the reaction from the Twitter-verse was #FlippingAwesome. 

The Bravo star, did not “flip out,” he maintained his cool and responded to Heather‘s Twitter tirade with one word, “Classy.”


So who do you believe was the rude one at Shannon’s party? Sound off.


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